Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy recognizes that your privacy is very important and to make it secure it's our first priority. So, we used Secured Socket Layer (SSL) software to secure your information. But, we cannot guarantee the user’s information security when a user it online.

What we collect
  • IP address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
What we do with this information
  • To notify you about our latest news or new updates on our site.
  • To provide you with details about your order and project.
  • To update you about new discounts, deals, and offers.
  • To contact you or communicate with you if necessary.
  • Use for Remarketing.

When you come to our site your cookies will save it your browser and we can contact you with the help of these cookies for marketing. You may also delete it but, doing so will hinder you from using certain services.

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