Writing a Research Proposal – Top Tips From The Experts

The main purpose of writing a research proposal is to check whether the candidate has done enough research in their area. Each discipline has its format and procedure for writing a research proposal. There are certain points for research proposal writing which are described in this blog.

Many beginning researchers and students completely don’t know what a research proposal is, nor do they understand the importance of a research proposal importance. Follow this post, and it will give you a complete guide on how to write a research proposal.

What is the research proposal?

A research proposal summary of your proposed research should be concise and logical. It figures out the main problems or questions that you are planning to address. describes the common area of study within which your research comes. It shows your proposed research’s originality.

What is the research proposal?

A research proposal summary of your proposed research should be concise and logical. It figures out the main problems or questions that you are planning to address. Describes the common area of study within which your research comes. It shows your proposed research’s originality.

Contents for Writing a research proposal

The research proposal cover page should contain the following:

  • Proposal Title
  • Name of your principal investigator
  • Institutional affiliation 

The main contents of the research proposal

Purpose of writing a research paper

Procedure for writing a research proposal

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Suggestions
  • Objectives
  • Research methods and design
  • Budget

1. Purpose of writing a research proposal

  • express a complete project plan, including the methodological procedure and theoretical structure.
  • Propose a research project that will result in an important contribution to knowledge.
  • To ensure that the proposed research is achievable within the required time and with the available resources.
  • To show that you have enough experience and knowledge to begin the project.

Even writing a research proposal completion is not required; still, it is a good idea if you write one. It enables you to think about every stage of a research paper to produce a detailed plan. A research proposal helps you understand your key ideas and your goals.

2. Procedure for writing a research proposal


The research proposal introduction starts with a capsule statement and then continues with introducing the subject. The introduction should be written to build the reader’s interest in the subject and proposal. The statement explains the importance of the problem(s), pointing to appropriate statistics and studies.

Review of literature

It is essential to show that you are familiar with the most important research on your subject. Reviews of strong literature are used to convince the reader. It also shows that you are not doing the same thing which was already done or said or s before. The purpose is to show how your project contributes to the discussion in the field.  

  • You need to be critical of the weaknesses and strengths of the several approaches. 
  • One can compare and contrast his/her literature based on theories, techniques, discussions, and controversies.

Suggestions for Writing a research proposal

To complete your research proposal, you can search for the possible ideas of the research for theory. You can highlight again what you propose to contribute to the present knowledge on the topic. For example, your result might have suggestions for the following:

  • Scientific assumptions or Challenging popular 
  • Improving processes in a particular  field or location 
  • Strengthening a model or theory 
  • Informing policy objectives
  • Creating a basis for further research

Aims and objectives

Writing a research proposal goal gives the researcher a broad indication of what he/she wants to accomplish in the research. The purposes related to parameters or tools used to accomplish the purpose are generally classified as primary and secondary purposes.

Research design and methods

The purpose here is to convince the reader that the overall research method and design will correctly discuss the problem of research and to engage the reader sources taken are enough for a particular topic.

In this part, the sources and methods used to conduct the analysis must be discussed, including particular databases, sources to sites,  important texts, or authors that will be important to the project. 


You must include complete budget details if you are applying for research funding. It will show how much every part of the project costs.

Don’t forget to check what kind of costs the funding body agrees to cover. Make sure to include important items in your budget. For every item, including the following:

  • Cost: Accurately, how much cost do you need?
  • Source: How will one calculate the price?
  • Travel costs: Does one need to go to particular locations to accumulate data?
  • Justification: Why is cost important in research completion?
  • Time: Does one need to take leave from their daily duties? How much time is needed to complete the research?
  • Assistance: Does one need any help from any research assistants? How much will they pay for that help?

Common Mistakes while writing a research Proposal 

  • Unsuccessful in providing the proper context to compose the research question.
  • Too long or too short.
  • Unable to stay focused on the question of the research.
  • Too many citation errors and false references.   
  • Failure to cite landmark studies.
  • Need to be more successful in developing a logical and convincing argument for the proposed research.
  • Forget to follow the proper procedure for writing a research proposal.


These simple steps will help you in writing a research proposal that has a high chance of getting accepted wither by your advisor. A research proposal is an important part of an academic research proposal.

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What are the four 4 common mistakes in writing a research proposal?

Common Proposal Writing Mistakes

  • Provide more context to the research question(s).
  • Not citing significant studies (“landmark studies”) in the field that changed others’ understanding of the topic.
  • Need to present other research done on the topic accurately.
  • Not staying focused on the last research question.

What should you avoid in a research proposal?

Common mistakes to avoid

  • You must follow your department’s specific criteria and format for writing research proposals.
  • The research topic needs to be narrower, more concise, and more expressed.
  • Be concise; provide context to show a clear sense of purpose.
  • The research topic needs to be better justified.

What makes a good research proposal?

An effective proposal plainly explains your research question and places and analyzes the methods you will use to perform your research. A successful research proposal must also position your research in the larger field of study and explain its significance.

What are the three main points of a research proposal?

A research proposal has three broad sections: introduction, literature review, and methodology. The opening is written in the present tense. The literature review is written in the past tense. The process is written in the future tense.

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