The Complete Guide to Fast and Easy Research Paper Writing

At the time of higher education, students have to complete many academic assignments assigned by their teachers. The research paper writing is one of the essential assignments that teachers assigned to their students. It is the assignment that teacher gives to the students of a Ph.D. or any other equivalent degree. 

Most of the students find it one of the difficult tasks of their academics to write a research paper before the deadlines. As the research paper writings are assignments that directly affect students’ academic grades, so it becomes necessary for them to write a sucessful research paper and submit it before the deadlines. Therefore students always ask the same question of how they can write such assignments before the deadlines. If you are also facing the same problem, then you came to the right place. In this blog, we are going to provide the best complete guide to fast and easy research paper writing.

What is the research paper?

As we already discussed that a research paper writing is one of the vital parts of those student’s life, who are pursuing Ph.D., level studies. Such writings are not for the high school level of education. When a teacher assigns the research paper writing to their students, they only give them the topic of the research paper, some instructions and requirements, and a deadline to submitting it. Thus after giving the tasks, teachers left’s to students with that challenging assignments and students don’t have any idea, how can they do?

 As students have to do the task by themselves without any help from their teachers. There is no doubt in it that, the research paper assignment requires too much research, unique information about the topic, analysis, and exceptional results also. Thus we can say research papers writing are one of the complicated and specific tasks of students’ life. The research paper writing also affects students’ academic grades thus we can say that it’s also one of the essential assignments for students.

The different types of research papers

Here are the most common types of research paper that teachers assign to their students-:

Argumentative research paper

 In the argumentative research paper, students require to analyze all the points of view related to the topic. But in writing, they only focus on a particularly argumentative point.

Experimental research paper

In the experimental research paper, students require to experiment. After then, they have to write writing in which they share the result that comes from their experiment.

Analytical research paper

In analytical research paper writing, the teacher gives students a topic or a subject. The student has to analyze all different views and relevant points of that particular topic. Then they describe their analysis in writing.

Survey-based research paper

In such a research paper, students have to conduct an actual survey at the beginning of the research project. After then, they analyze the result and write the paper.

Qualitative research paper

For writing a qualitative research paper, first of all, students required to explore as more as possible, all the relevant and reliable causes, motivations, and different opinions on the topic of the research paper.

The topmost tips on fast and easy research paper writing

Most of the students always ask the same question about how to fast and easy research paper writing. Here are the topmost best tips on how you can write a research paper writing very fastly and easily-:

Calculate the time left in the deadline(submission date)-:

Commonly every teacher who gives you a research paper writing, they also give you a deadline for submitting it. It is required for you to write a sucessful writing and submit it to teachers before the deadlines. So if you want to complete your research paper fastly and easily. First of all, you should have to calculate the time lefts in the submission date for the assignment. Then you can make planning for writing it accordingly.

Select a topic then start earlier

Sometimes teachers give you research paper writing on a specific topic, but sometimes they only assign you assignments but don’t give any topic. Here its an opportunity for you that you can choose a topic of your interest. Even you can select a broad topic on which you can quickly get a vast quantity of data and relevant information.

Use Proper Research Sources

To get expected results and to create a sucessful research paper, you require in-depth research on the topic. During the research, you have to collect all the relevant and reliable information about the issue so that you can quickly analyze it and get the results of your analyses. You should have to utilize many different printed or online sources for collecting relevant information. Such as books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, google scholar, government publications, and other online sources.

Start to work on your ”Thesis Statement”

If you are writing a research paper first time, and you are confused about how to start it. First of all, you should write the thesis statement for your research paper. This statement includes the critical points on what you are going to make. For making an effective and perfect thesis statement, you have to make a list of all those key points that you identified during your research on the topic. Then with your intelligence, sum-up them in a single or simple sentence.

Creat the best Outline

At this stage, you have to create a perfect outline or structure for your research paper before you start writing. We can say that outline works as a skeleton of your research paper.  Here you need to decide what you want to describe or mention in your research paper writing. Along with this, the format of your writing. If you can create a sucessful and perfect outline for your research paper. Then with the use of it, you can quickly write the actual content.

Write the Research Paper

At this stage, you should have to start writing your research paper earlier, without wasting your precious time. Every research paper requires three parts – the introduction, the body, and then the conclusion-:

  • Introduction-: You should start the research paper by writing the introduction of it first. Here you have to introduce the topic of your research and its also required to give some background information. You should take global worlds in the introduction; it will be useful if you write it with a thesis statement.
  • Body-: In the body of your research paper, you have to describe everything, whatever you find during the overall process of your research paper writing. You may have so many things to tell, but you need to mention only relevant and reliable things related to your topic. In the body section, you have to write the final result of your research that you get from the research.
  • Conclusion-: In the conclusion of your research paper, you must write something that becomes memorable for your audience. It also required that you should emphasize the main idea of your text in conclusion.

Proofread your research paper

After writing your complete research paper, you should have to take some time to proofread your research paper once. During the proofread, you should check your writing word-by-word. If you find any grammatical and spelling mistakes in your writing, then you should immediately correct it. Thus you can easily create impressive, effective, and error-free research paper writings.


We have mentioned all the topmost tips on fast and easy research paper writing. Along with we also mentioned the relevant information on it in details. We hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding research paper writing. Still, if you have any confusion regarding your research paper assignment. Then feel free to contact us anytime at
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