A Guide To Crafting A Grade Social Media Essays

No doubt, social media is one of the products of the digital age. At present, it becomes a vital influencer of all over society, with the advancement of technology in the 21st-century, led to the rise of this phenomenon which took all the world by storm and ushered in a new age of societal interactions. Today, everyone around all over the world has an account on different social media platforms. Hence at present social media has become one of the important topics on which most of the teachers assign essay writings to students. But writing a social media essay is not as easy as it seems. Most of the students seem confused when it comes to writing an essay on social media. 

If you are also confused about it, then you came to the right place. Here we are providing you the best ultimate guidance on it along with detailed information about social media.

What is social media?

The rise of social media began with the rise of all the various social networking platforms or sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.. With the extreme prevalence of digital connectivity, the peoples from different communities of the society began using social media platforms. As time passed, social media sites became virtual hubs for meeting new peoples, socializing, and exchanging information, etc.. As we already discussed that at present, every individual around the world has one or more social media accounts on different platforms. 

It is considered that today social media holds sway over all human society, even it is capable of manipulating the mind of humans and affecting their thought processes. So we can say that as every coin has two opposite sides, similarly, social media also has both sides of the merits and demerits. 

Some great social media essay topics for students-:

Sometimes the teacher gives students an essay writing assignment, but they don’t give a specific topic for essay writing. Here it will become an opportunity for students that they can take one of the best topics according to them. Here we mentioned some of the best essay topics for writing social media essay-:

  • How social media helps in the development of the business?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of social media in students’ life.
  • Are social networks helpful in solving human health problems?
  • Is online shopping on trading websites safe and reliable?
  • Discuss customer’s privacy on social networks.
  • The role of social media platforms in the life of humans.
  • Social media: An platform for Cyber Crimes.
  • Is it possible to easily overcome social media addiction?
  • How do people use social networking during national crises?
  • Do social media sites affect regular human interaction?

Proper Social Media Essay Structure-:

It is the ideal structure that makes an excellent social media essay. It does not matter about which type of essay you are going to write. The basic outline for most of the essays includes-:

  • An introduction with a strong thesis statement and a hook sentence.
  • Body of essay that includes 3 to 4 body paragraphs. 
  • A conclusion that is also known as a call to action.

The best tips and tricks for crafting an outstanding social media essay-:

As we already discussed that most of the students seem confused when it comes to writing an essay on social media. Here we are providing you the best tips on it-:

1. Check the deadlines and instructions-:

No doubt, while a teacher assigns an essay writing to their students, they also provide them some instructions regarding the essay writing and deadlines for submitting the writing. Here students have to complete their essay before the deadlines and according to the guidelines of teachers. So before you start writing your essay, you should have to check the timelines and instructions of your social media essay writing assignment carefully.

2. Plan your essay-:

Now you know all the instructions and remaining days for submitting the essay. So it will be better if you immediately start planning your social media essay. During planning, you should have to make sure to make strategies of how you can write an informative, impressive, and outstanding essay before the deadlines. Here you have to be clear-minded about what is required to write according to the topic of the essay and how you can write everything in a well-structured manner. 

3. Research the topic of the essay-: 

Every writer requires collecting sufficient relevant information about the topic before starting to write anything. So now, it will be useful if you start researching the topic of your essay to get all the relevant and reliable information for writing an informative, impressive, and effective social media essay. Here you can take the help of different online or offline sources such as newspapers, magazines, books, internet media, etc. to collect the relevant information.

4. Make an ideal outline-:

Outline plays the most important role in essay writing as outlines tell you how to present all the information and facts in your writing in a well-structured format. So it will be useful if you make an ideal outline for your social media essay and then start writing your essay accordingly. If you write an essay with a perfect outline, then nothing can stop you from writing an outstanding essay. 

5. Start writing the essay with ideal Introduction-:

Now you should start writing your social media essay writing a perfect or excellent introduction. You have to write such an interesting introduction that can quickly hook your reader and get them interested in reading the rest part of your essay. In the introduction of your essay, you should have to include some keywords and catchy sentences related to the topic of your essay.

 6. Write the Body paragraphs-:

Then you have to start writing the body part of your social media essay. Here you can write everything that you decided, and you want to mention, but make sure to include the information that is related to the topic of the essay. The body is the second and most important part of the essay. It covers 60 to 80 % part of the entire essay. So you can divide the body part of the essay in 3 to 4 sub-paragraphs. It will be useful if you start writing the body paragraph with your key argument. Along with the arguments, you have to provide sufficient evidence to prove your argument correct or valid. 

7. Conclusion of the essay-:

Lastly, you should write an interesting and compelling conclusion for your social media essay. Here you can Restate the key arguments of your essay and summarise the main points of the essay. Here you should have to make sure you don’t make any new argument. As the essay topic is related to social problems or issues, then you can mention some advice according to you.

8. Proofreading and editing-:

Once you complete your social media essay writing successfully, then you should give some time to proofread and edit your writing. During proofreading, if you find any spelling, grammatical, and any other mistakes in your writing, then you should immediately correct the mistakes. Thus, you can easily make an outstanding, informative, and error-free essay writing. 


We have mentioned all the detailed information about essays on social media that you should know. We have also mentioned the best tips and tricks for crafting an outstanding social media essay. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding it.

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