How To Write a Research Paper Outline

Today, studies have become more difficult than ever before. In school and college, today not only requires students to do their studies only, but they have to complete many other assignments for their academic work. Their performances in such assignments also affect their academic grades. Writing a research paper outline is also a popular academic task provided to students by their professors.  

It seems that most students find it difficult how to write a research paper outline. Because a good outline is required for every research paper. Hence every student needs to spend a lot of time creating a perfect and successful outline for his research paper. If you are confused; about how to write a research paper outline to make a successful research paper. Then you come to the writing place, here we are going to discuss detailed information that you need for writing a successful research paper.

Why is the outline of a research paper important?

Everyone knows that a research paper is one of the essential assignments for students’ academics. The research paper is also an academic assignment that can improve your academic grades because such assignments are evaluated just like an assignment of your final papers. So it becomes necessary for you to make a successful research paper for your academics.

If you want to write a successful and productive research paper, you should outline it first. The primary purpose of creating an outline for your research paper is to understand what is required for writing and what you can write in your research paper. After making a perfect outline for your research paper, you can easily able to write a successful research paper. If you always outline writing your research paper, then it helps you to avoid mistakes and shapes a topic into serious discussion. So we can say that a successful outline is fundamental for a successful research paper. Hence most of the students ask the same question about how to write a research paper outline to write a successful, practical, and perfect research paper.

Formatting your research paper outline

Research papers have three outlines: full-sentence, alphabetical, and decimal. The distinctions are related to the formatting and style of writing.

The alphanumeric outline is frequently employed. It employs Roman numerals capitalized letters, Arabic numerals and lowercase letters, and lowercase letters to arrange how information flows. Text is written using brief notes instead of complete sentences.


  2. The first thing to remember
  3. Sub-point
    1. Sub-point of sub-point 1

The basic concept is the same as the outline of alphanumeric characters. However, the text is written in complete sentences rather than a sharp point.


  1. The body paragraph begins the research paper.
  2. The initial evidence to strengthen the argument
  3. Sub-point describes the evidence in point A.
    1. A second sub-point concludes the discussion on the point of evidence that was introduced in point A.

A decimal outline is comparable in style to an alphanumeric outline but uses a different numbering system, such as 1, 1.1, 1.2, etc. Text is written in short notes, not long sentences.


  1. 1. Body paragraph one
  2. 1.1 The first point
    1. 1.1.1 Sub-point of the first point
    1. 1.1.2 Sub-point of the first point
    2. 1.2 Second point

Research paper outline language

To write a successful research outline for your paper, you must pay close attention to the language. This is particularly important in the case of an article you’ll present to your instructor or be examined on.

There are four primary considerations: coordination, parallelism subordination, and division.

Parallelism: Keep in line with the grammatical form

Parallel structure, also known as parallelism, is the repetition of a specific grammar structure in a sentence, or in this instance, the sub-points between points. It is a matter of ensuring that if the initial point is the case with a verb and the second point is a noun, the third one must also be an adjective.

A good example of parallelism

  1. The debate on immunization should be introduced and address two aspects of the discussion: why vaccination is highly recommended and why some groups question its validity.
    1. Incorporate different regions, focusing on the many arguments against and for and against vaccination

How to write a research paper outline: Step-by-step ultimate guidance

As we already discussed, that outline is the base of any research paper that is helpful for you to build up the whole paper. Every outline consists mainly of three parts that are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Here we are providing detailed information on how to write a research paper outline


The introduction is a very prominent and important part of every writing. It depends on the introduction of your research paper whether your reader is going to continue reading your complete research paper or not. It requires every student to write an engaging, effective, and informative introduction for their research paper. There are three key points you should include in your introduction that can make an impressive introduction:-


You should take a hook in your introduction section. The size of the hook mostly depends on the overall volume of your research paper, commonly one to five sentences long hook is perfect. You should keep a provoking and interesting hook that must attract your reader to read the complete research paper.

Define your target audiences

It is a pre-writing activity. You have to know who is your target audience and why they are interested in reading your research paper. In the introduction of your essay, you should explain to your audience why your paper is important for them and how your research paper is helpful for them.

Use a thesis statement

It will be good to use a thesis statement in the introduction section. In the thesis, you state your argument. The thesis statement makes it clear to your audience what you will discuss and why it’s important to them. So it is required for you to take a simple, easy-to-understand, and clear thesis.


The body is one of the most important parts of your research paper. The body section doesn’t have any size limitations because the body is the main and biggest section of every writing. The number of paragraphs you use in the body part of your research paper depends on the number of arguments you used. 

In the body section of your research paper, you should give all the evidence that you found at the time of the research that you have done. You don’t try to prove anything for which you do not have any evidence to prove. In the body part, every statement that you want to give that statements must be backed up with proof. You should also give all valid references according to the required paper formats.

It will be effective if you also mention some counterarguments to the thoughts and evidence provided by you that why they are not correct. If you successfully do this, then it impresses your teachers. Along with this, it will create an impressive academic reputation and show your ability to face challenging tasks.

You always keep in mind the style and tone of your paper that you have mentioned in the intro part. Even the pattern, techniques, and manners will remain the same throughout the paper. We can say you should follow consistency in writing your paper from beginning to end.


In the conclusion part of your research paper, you should summarize all the arguments that you used in your research paper writing. So that readers can easily grab your main ideas and remember them for a long time. In short, you should summarize all the key points of your complete research paper in the conclusion of your research paper. Always make sure that your conclusion is not very long, but keep in mind to include all the important parts in the summarized form. 

In short, we can say that in this brief section of your research paper. You can mention the most persuasive argument of your research paper writing. You need to mention your final message to your audience based on your research.

Why do the teachers give students research paper writing

There are so many reasons behind it. Here we mention some important reasons why teachers give students such research papers

  • Teachers want to check students’ abilities in different fields; therefore, they give students various assignments and tasks: such as research papers.
  •  One of the primary purposes of teachers behind giving such research papers or any other writings to students is to improve their writing skills. 
  • Every research paper requires in-depth research about the topic on which it is.  So teachers give such research papers to students so that they try new research on that specific topic from different resources and develop unique results.
  •  A successful research paper also requires unique thoughts and creativity skills. So much research papers allow teachers to check students’ creativity also.
  •  Another important purpose of research paper assignments is to check students’ understanding level and vision about a specific topic.


We have mentioned all the detailed information about research papers that helps you to write a successful research paper. We also provided you with step-by-step the best ultimate guidance on how to write a research paper outline. So we hope that all your doubts about how to write a research paper outline cleared after reading our blog.

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What is the typical outline of a research paper?

Your outline will constitute three main sections: the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. But to ensure your paper is complete, consult your instructor for specific parts they want to be included in your research paper.

What are the 7 parts of a research paper?

A complete research paper in APA style reporting on experimental research will typically have a Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References sections. Many will also include Figures and Plains, and some will have an Addendum or Appendices.

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