Reasons Why Germany Offers Free Education to International Students

There is no doubt in it that Germany is one of the best countries for a student for higher studies in abroad. The German universities have very strong and good networks with all topmost universities around the globe. The country is providing a unique combination of the best universities that are offering you high-quality teaching by professional teachers. The universities of Germany are also giving hard competition to the other top universities in different countries. 

One of the best facilities that the universities of Germany are offering is free education for international students. There is the fact that it can make you wonder, but it’s 100% true. If you want to know more about it, then just continue reading. Here we are going to discuss the major reasons why Germany offers free education to international students.

Which students can take the benefit of study in Germany for free?

Germany is indeed providing free education to all international students. It means anybody can take free education in Germany. It is applicable for every European and all non-European also.does not matter whichever country you belong to. Every international student can take the benefit of this scheme. This rule applies to almost every study program at public universities in Germany. There are thousands of students who are taking the benefit of the opportunity every year.

The universities of Germany that are providing free education to international students

Here is the list of some of the largest and the best universities in Germany that are offering free education to international students. You must compare all before taking admission in Germany-:

  •  LMU (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Ruhr University Bochum
  • Universität Hamburg
  • TUM (Technical University of Munich )
  • University of Cologne
  • Goethe University Frankfurt
  • University of Münster
  • University of Duisburg-Essen
  • FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • University of Würzburg

Does free education mean that universities and their education are not good?

Every student seems to wonders if they hear the first time that Germany is providing free education to all international students. Most of the students think that if education is free, thats means the universities are not very good or popular. 

But the reality is entirely different from it. In fact, the different universities in Germany are the tops in the world. Even you can get world-class the best quality education in Germany. German has many larger universities that secure a rank in the top 100 universities in international rankings.

Hence universities are offering free education; then, it does not mean that they are providing you worthless or low-class education. Many universities in Germany have teams of professional teachers that can offer you the best quality teaching service. Some universities are also offering hostel facilities or even providing placement opportunities to students. So we can say that Germany is providing the best quality education free of cost. But we can’t ignore that most students seem confused about why Germany offers free education facilities to international students.

The topmost major reasons why Germany offers free education to international students

Here is the top major reason why Germany provides free education for international students-:

The mentality of germans

The peoples of german have the first mentality that education is not a commercial product, so german are not believes in selling education. Hence they are providing free education to all the students of their own country or other international students. German is offering such a facility to students with the mentality of that if students’ have free access to higher studies. Then it directly ensures the great economic development, welfare, and growth of a country. Hence we can say that Germany is providing this free education services to all students for the growth of their own country. 

The Aging Population

The world databank emphasized in a report based on a survey on German peoples that Germany has the 3rd highest population of the humans who are around 60 years or 65+ years old. Here one of the noticeable vital points is that german requires a large number of young skilled workers; in order to get countries economies run and grow. 

Most of the international students, after completing their education in Germany, choose to stay there for a lifetime or a few years. Even a study tells that 70% of students who get an education from german universities stay back in Germany after finishing their higher education. Thus Germany starts this system of free education so that they can get young educated and skilled workers for the development of their economy.

The Goodwill Factor

German is also very protective and aware of the goodwill or reputation of the country at the international level.  German also tries to make sure that it doesn’t get a bad reputation at the international level. 

Actually, those students who get free education from the German universities, but leaves the country after completing their studies. When after completing their higher studies in Germany comes back to their nation, they create Germany’s goodwill in their nations, as they tell their friends and neighbors about how they can get free education in Germany. It creates goodwill for Germany also improves the reputation of the country. Even its also an advertisement for Germany to motivate new students to go to Germany for higher education.

The Partial Truth

Actually, it is the partial truth that Germany is providing free higher education to international students. The reality is that student doesn’t need to pay tuition fees of universities. Still,  Students have to pay the administration fees €150 to €250 according to terms of university. This administration fee charged from them for sports facilities, hostel rents, canteens, and student traveling cards, etc.

In fact, the system is applicable to every public university that they can’t charge any tuition fees from students for any bachelor’s degrees. But if any student wants too many extra semesters or courses, then universities can charge some fees from that student.

Nominal facilities of education

German is indeed offering free education facilities to international students. But it is also true that the universities are not providing all the necessary facilities for a good education. As international students needed a hostel or rooms for living, but German universities are not investing a sufficient amount for the development of accommodation for international students.  Hence most of the students have to make room on rent for living in Germany, which is too costly. Even the universities don’t have sufficient infrastructure for students, and lack of teachers is also one of the significant realities of germans universities. Hence Germany is only making fools to international students by showing off offering free education, but they are just playing with the life of students.

The Politics

Politics is one of the primary reasons( that I have heard of), which most peoples don’t know why Germany is offering free education to international students. It is true that in 2006 some states of german once try to start some fees charges from students. But after the pressure of public and central parties, they have been to give up. Hence we can say politics is one of the reasons that the German government is providing free education to students.


We have mentioned all the topmost major reasons why Germany offers free education to international students. Along with we also provide you with the list of top universities in Germany and other relevant information in details. We hope that our blog will become helpful for you and will clear all your doubts about it. Still, if you have any confusion regarding it, then don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us anytime at

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