Python vs C: Know What Are The Differences

It is a crucial thing that programming languages are very important for each programming activities.  If you are a student of computer science, then we can safely assume that you know that there are a vast number of programming languages are available for different programs.

They don’t know what the differences between python and c. The primary difference between python vs c is that python is an object-oriented programming language, and c is a structure-oriented programming language. There are many other significant differences between python vs c. 

Here we are going to discuss all the relevant and reliable information about, along with all the major differences between both.

What is python?

It is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. The main thing that makes python excellent language is its simple syntax, which is entirely similar to the dynamic typing and English language capability. Its straightforward syntax always allows you to code readability easily. Python is one of the ideal languages for rapid and scripting application developments on many platforms. Python is one of the most popular programming languages among developers.

Some important features of python

If you want to understand the differences between python vs c. first of all, you should know the characteristics of both to get a better understanding. So here are some essential features of python

  •  We Python is a freely available and open-source programming language.
  • Python is an integrated language, too; you can easily integrate it with other languages.

What is C?

Dennis Ritchie developed the c programming language at bell laboratories around 1972 to 1973. The primary purpose of the development of the c programming language is to build a language as a foundation for the development of the UNIX operating system. The c programming language is one of the structured, general-purpose, and mid-level languages. It also has some same characteristics of the other high-level programming language.  It is also one of the structure-oriented programming languages.  

The c programming language has very improved and developed from the last few years. At present, C is one of the widely used programming languages in many programs.

some important features of C programming language

For better knowledge of python vs c, you should require to understand the characteristics of both. So here are some essential features of C

  •  C is the mid-level programming language, but it also has features of high-level languages.
  • It provides lots of inbuilt-functions for programming.
  •  One of the basic characteristics of C is that it’s a structured programming language.
  •  You can easily execute  C language on different machines and platforms.
  •  C is one of the extensible programming languages also.

The top important differences between python vs c

The basis of the differencesPythonC
Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, and high-level programming language.
C is a procedural and general-purpose programming language.

SpeedPython execute interpreted programs slowly, as compared to compiled programs.

C execute compiled programs much faster, as compared to the interpreted programs.

Declaration of variablesPython doesn’t require the declaration of the type of variable. Because variables are untyped in it.

The c programming language type of variable should be declared. In that case, when the variable has created.
Function re-naming mechanism
In the python, the same ”function” may be used by calling it by two different names.

The C language doesn’t support such a ”function re-naming mechanism”.
For good memory management, python always utilizes an automatic garbage collector.

C language doesn’t provide the facility for memory management.

Built-in functions

Python provides a large number of functions, as it has a vast library of Inbuilt-functions.

C provides only a limited number of functions.

UsageIn python, it’s much easier to write different codes. Because the number of lines is less comparatively in the python. So it’s easy to use.

Program syntax is very harder in c than python. Hence C programming language is not easy to use as python.

Error DebuggingError debugging is straightforward and easy in python. Because python takes only one by one instruction at a time, then compiles and executes them. Hence it shows all the errors instantly.

Error debugging is complicated and typical in C. Because it takes many source code combined. To find errors of entire codes and instruction is difficult and requires lots of time. So c is a very time-consuming programming language for error debugging.
It is one of the general-purpose programming languages.

It is generally a procedural programming language.

Implementing Data StructuresWith the functions of the built-in insert, python makes it easy for you to implement data structure.
If you want to implement a data structure, then you must require C language functions to be explicitly implemented.


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