What is The Best Python Data Science Book With Exercises

Python is one of the most popular and universal programming languages. Both data scientists and data engineers use python. At present, there are many online or offline courses available to learn python for data science. But still, python data science handbooks are one of the best ways for proper, in-depth learning and significantly improving your knowledge. Since there are many books available in the market; therefore, most people seem confused about how to select the best python data science books. If you are also looking for the best python data science book with exercises, then you don’t need to worry about it. Here we are going to provide you with the list of the top python data science books that will become very helpful for you to in-depth learning and improve your knowledge.

The top python data science book with exercises-:

Here we have mentioned the list of the best python data science handbooks for learning data science efficiently-:

1. Python for Data Analysis-:

“Python for data analysis” is the very first particular python book on data science and data analysis. The books cover all the fundamentals or basics that every data engineer or data scientist should know, such as data aggregation and time series, etc.. 

At the same time, it also includes the basic python exercise that will help you to learn how to apply pandas to actual problems. We can say that this will teach you more about solving real problems and using your skills. Thus we can say that it is one of the best python data science handbooks.

2. Think Stats2-:

Think stats2 is one of the best books for you for learning python and statistics both. The books will show you that you can implement statistical concepts into the python. One of the best things is that this book is available for free online. If you are a beginner programmer, then don’t worry. In this book, you will get the content accessible and will be able to master it through the exercise and examples. So we can say no matter if you are a beginner or expert, this book is one of the best python data science handbooks with exercises.

3. Programming collective intelligence-:

In the book “programming collective intelligence,” Toby Segaran does an excellent job, as in this book, they teach and reveal different types of algorithms. He thoroughly explained all the mathematical concepts and complex algorithms with sufficient examples and code that are both easy to read and understand. Actually, the books were written in the years 2007, but the majority of programmers considered it still useful and beneficial at present. It is also considered one of the topmost python data science handbooks with exercises.

4. Natural Language processing with python-:

The NLTK(Natural Language Toolkit) is considered one of the excellent python libraries for process languages and text. It contains excellent and useful APIs that can classify, analyze, and preprocess your text. We can say that there will be a huge demand for these books in professionals who are related to the text analytics field. Since the text analytics market was worth $4.90 billion in 2019. 

This book contains many amazing examples, such as the chapter of supervised classifications. This book is mostly recommended for those students who would like to explore the work of natural language parsing, processing, and understanding. 

5. Building Machine Learning Systems With Python-:

This book contains different codes and machine learning techniques. If you want to understand all the condo and machine learning techniques of the books, then you require a good piece of knowledge of python and machine learning. Thus, the books are not for beginners. These books provide you a summary of machine learning algorithms. Along with this, it also shows you how you can choose the right algorithm for a problem at hand. Thus, we can say that it is one of the best books for you.

6. Think Bayes-:

Think Bayes considered as the introduction to Bayesian statistics by using computational methods. No doubt, you require to know the basics of python or probability to understand the probability concepts and codes. It is noteworthy that it is a great book and an excellent introduction to the applications of Bayes’s theorems. In the books, the theoretical aspects are easily accessible, and the python codes are also sufficiently clear. We can say that it is one of the python data science handbooks.

7. Mining the social web-:

The book “mining the social web” introduces the different APIs that are provided by different large social platforms, and it also gives a good or excellent introduction of data munging and analysis of data. With the help of these books, you will learn how to check out website mining social media, where they write some useful articles on social media mining.

 8. Python Data Science Handbook-:

No doubt in it that this book is an excellent introduction to the core Python libraries that make the toolkit of data scientists. The book includes unique descriptions and code examples for using Matplotlib, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, and Pandas. In the books, there is also one of the best chapters on Ipython that is the most popular python development environment for all data programmers and data scientists, and the book also covers the main reasons why it is so popular very well.


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