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If you are a newcomer in the field of programming or coding field and desire to learn programming, software engineering, coding. Then you will be pleased to hear that there are thousands of great resources available on the web to provide programming help to new programmers so that they can learn programming from scratch. Now the question arises in every individual mind is how to choose one of the best websites or online platforms to learn to program as there are thousands of websites available on the internet. If you are also troubling with such a question. Then you don’t need to worry about it as here you reached in the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best websites you can use to get programming-help for learning programming efficiently.

The best websites to get programming help to learn programming-:

We already discussed that most of the people ask the same question: Which is the best website to learn to program. Here we have mentioned the topmost websites you can use to get programming help for learning programming-:


It is one of the best community websites that will become helpful for you to learn to code for free, build real-world projects, and also to get a job as a programming developer. The website provides you a vast collection of practical exercise and interactive tutorials to learn data structure, algorithms, and data structure. Quincy Larson founded this website. The website also has a huge Facebook group where one can easily ask a question and share their learning experience.


It is one of the excellent online websites that are providing you programming help to learn the programming language. At this place, you will get many online courses according to all the latest technology and programming languages. Such as Spring, Algorithms, java, data structure, and Selenium, etc.. The website is offering you all these courses both free and paid.


Fahim ul Haq was the founder of this online learning platform that consists of different most popular technologies such as Java, Python, javascript, and Kubernetes, and more. It is considered one of the most significant websites for learning programming and coding.


This website was founded by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. The site offers you different courses, specializations, and online degrees. This online learning platform also provides you both free and paid online courses.


If you want to learn any IT course or technology course. Such as programming languages like Java, Python, web development framework like Hibernate, Spring framework, etc.. Then, it is one of the best websites that provides you programming help to learn different programming languages. At present, this site also acquired Code school that allows you to learn different online technologies. 


It is a meta website that means it consists of some of the most helpful resources to learn Git online such as learn Git branching that will be very helpful for you as it will teach you Git commands right from your web browsers. Try.github.io is considered one of the best websites to learn Git in 15 minutes. The site is not only useful for you to understand basic git commands but also challenging Git concepts such as merge, cherry-pick, branch, revert and rebase, etc..


It is considered one of the most fabulous websites for learning to code and building web applications within one month. “Onemonth.com” is not a free online site although you must have to buy a Bootcamp style course. This website consists of 30 days of courses for learning Ruby, javascript, and Python, etc.. The site teaches yours in the Bootcamp style that makes it one of the most effective and popular learning places.


codecademy.com offers you free courses for learning some of the most famous technologies, such as Linux, Javascript, and java, etc.. The website also provides you some paid courses for learning many advanced concepts of programming such as Java, Python, and javascript. It is the first-ever online platform that brought interactive learning into pictures. It is considered one of the best websites to learn Javascript online by the majority of the people.


Without any doubt, everyone knows that SQL is one of the required skills for every programmer who is related to the field of IT. The site also provides you interactive SQL tutorials along with quizzes practice sets so that you can quickly or efficiently improve your SQL skills.


It is another one of the fantastic websites that provide you programming help to learn python programming easily. This site is an excellent platform for everyone to learn the basics of python. Python is one of the most preferable and popular programming languages at present that is mainly used in Data science and machine learning. So you can easily understand the importance of python in your career. If you are a beginner in the field of programming, then you can quickly learn python from this excellent online platform.


We have mentioned the best websites to get programming help to learn programming languages. We have also mentioned all the detailed information about how these websites help you to learn programming languages. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding it. Still, if you have any confusion regarding it and need programming help, then don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us anytime at Australian Assignment.

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