19 Best Law and International Law Assignment Topics

Generally, the field of legal or law studies is considered one of the most popular but difficult subjects of study to qualify. The law or legal studies includes various areas or sub-areas that are pricticing by every law student. The continuous updating and broadness of the subject often become a barrier for students during their law courses.

Being a student of law, you have to complete many types of law and international law assignments during entire studies within short deadlines. Sometimes the college and universities provide their students an opportunity to make a law assignment on any topic related to the subject. In this case, students seem confused about what are the topmost law or international law assignment topics for writing excellent and impressive law assignments. 

If you are going to write a law assignment for college or university, then you came to the right place. Here we are providing you the best law or legal assignment topics for writing an outstanding assignment.

The best law and international law assignment topics for writing an outstanding law assignment-:

As we already discussed that the law field includes so many concepts and topics. So most of the students seem confused when it comes to choosing one of the best topics for writing their academic law assignments. Here we have mentioned the topmost law assignment topics for different law subjects writing an outstanding law assignments-:

1. Contract law assignment topics-:

An agreement that is enforced by law, that is fulfilling and recognizes all the duties and rights of two parties is known as a contract or valid contract.  Actually, the contract law is the law that is related to making and enforcing an agreement. Contract law defends all the rights and duties of both parties that are related to the agreement. Contract law is one of the essential subjects in the field of law. Here we mentioned the best contract law assignment topics to write an excellent contract law assignment for students-:

  • Adhesion contract assignment
  • Void and Voidable contracts assignment
  • Implied contract assignment
  • Unilateral contract assignment
  • Unconscionable contract assignment
  • Executed contracts assignment
  • Aleatory contract assignment
  • Express contract assignment
  • Bilateral contract assignment
  • Letter contracts assignment

2. Administrative law assignment topics-:

The administrative law is one of the bodies of law that deals with the establishment, duties, rules, and powers of government administrative agencies. The primary function of administrative law is to carry out the laws that have already passed by any state or federal legislatures. Here are the topmost administrative law assignment topics-:

  • Protection of law and property assignment
  • Immigration assignment
  • Administrative bodies assignment
  • Manufacturing assignment
  • Transport assignment
  • Enforcement of law assignment
  • International trade assignment
  • Adjudication assignment
  • Rulemaking assignment
  • Taxation assignment
  • Environment assignment

3. Property Law Assignment topics-:

Property law is another one of the most important types of law derived from common law. The property law generally deals with governing the various forms of ownership in real property and personal property. Actually, property law defines ownership and legal right of a person on personal and real properties. At present, property law becomes one of the popular and essential subjects in various law or legal courses. Here are the best international property law assignment topics-:

  • Intellectual property law assignment
  • Tribal property rights assignment
  • A global perspective on intellectual property law assignment
  • Economic context of intellectual property law assignment
  • Agricultural property rights in the UK
  •  property law for heritage site protection assignment

4. Human Rights Law Assignment topics -:

Human right law is another one of the subjects of law that every law student has to study during their legal or law studies. The primary purpose of human rights law is to elucidate the theoretical and technical aspects of the national and international human rights directives. If you are going to write a human right law assignment for your academics then you can choose any one topic from the mentioned below the best human right law assignment topics-:

  • Children’s Rights assignment
  • Child Trafficking assignment
  • Detention of person assignment
  • Disappeared Person assignment
  • Freedom of Expression assignment
  • Freedom of Religion assignment
  • Genocide assignment
  • International Court of Justice assignment
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission assignment
  • Torture assignment

5. Civil Law Assignment topics-:

Civil law is one of the branches of law that is also known as common law.  It deals with a well defined and comprehensive system of rules and regulations related to citizens of the country. It is also one of the subjects of law that law students study during their legal or law degrees. Here we mentioned the best civil law assignment topics for students-:

  • Child Support assignment
  • Corporate Personhood assignment
  • Law of Contracts assignment 
  • Libel and Slander assignment
  • Law of Torts assignment
  • Alimony assignment
  • Class Action Lawsuits assignment
  • False Light Privacy Invasion assignment
  • Law of Eminent Domain  assignment
  • Law of Regulatory Takings  assignment
  • Tort Reform assignment

6. Constitutional Law Assignment-:

Constitutional law is one of the branches of law. It defines the different rules and regulations by the federal and state government that ensures the ethics and power of the parliament, executives, and judiciary, etc.. Hence constitutional law is another one of the critical subjects of law degree or courses. Students who are pursuing their law degree must have to complete many types of constitutional law assignments during their law course. Here we mentioned the best constitutional law assignment topics for writing an outstanding law assignment-:

  • Assignment on the Historical evaluation of Human Rights
  • Assignment on the  fundamentals of constitutional law
  • Explanation Hart’s concept of law 
  • Assignment on the impact of constitutional law and legal stringencies 
  • Assignment on the tribunal and constitutional recognition

7. Criminal Law Assignment topics-:

It deals with different types of criminals legally. In simple words, we can say that the criminal law is a system of rules and regulation that always tries to stop crimes by giving enough punishment to all those criminals who commit it. Criminal law is also one of the most important subjects that law students study during their law courses. Here we mentioned the best criminal law assignment topics for students-:

  • the Crime Reports and Statistics at present 
  • Assignment on the Religious Laws and Religious Crimes 
  • Assignment on the Global criminal court
  • Lawful reasoning-Drug courts
  • Assignment on the Jury selection-Double risk
  • the Required sentencing-Expert witnesses
  • Assignment on the classification of different crimes
  • Terrorism as a crime 
  • Assignment on the Feminist Criminology
  • Assignment on the various Rights of criminals


We have mentioned all the detailed information about different law assignments that you should know. We have also mentioned the best international law assignment topics for writing an outstanding law assignment. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding it. Still, if you have any confusion relating to it, then don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us anytime at the Australian assignment. 

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