How To Write an Executive Summary

As the name indicates, to summarize the larger report. To summarize a longer plan or an investment and business proposal, to begin the report one needs to write an executive summary. The executive summary should cover the significant features of your report, but it is essential that your reader shouldn’t get bored. Save the analysis, numbers, growing reviews, and charts for the report itself. It is to get the attention of the readers and let them know what one can do and why they need to read your business proposal. The executive summary is an important way to determine which aspect of your company has the most precise sale point and which require more explanation. 

Writing an executive summary for the business plan can be challenging. “How to write a good executive summary,” this question might pressurize, which comes from the fact that all should give attention to it, as it is the starting of the document. 

What is an executive summary?

An executive summary is a small report or part of a long business proposal that gives a quick review of the larger report of the material to the readers, or we can say that it summarizes the report so that the reader understands the purpose, the reader doesn’t have read the whole report. It includes a short statement that discusses the proposal or problem described in the attached report.

What to include in an Executive Summary?

 When you are asked to write an executive summary, make sure to follow some of the guidelines according to books written on executive summaries, seminars, courses, training, and professionals speakers, agreed upon the length must be 5-10 percent of the entire report.

Suitable Language

To write an executive summary, your language should be appropriate according to your audience. One of the essential things to remember before you start to write an executive summary is to know for whom you are writing. Because the language you are going to use for engineers will be completely different from the language you are going to use for the financiers. 

Keep your statements brief and concise. Remember, people will read your summary in order to understand the main items quickly and easily.

Concise Introduction

You want your reader to get impressed immediately with the beginning of the paragraph. As speech usually starts with a joke to put listeners at ease to better hear what is beginning.

The influential introductory part can capture the attention of the reader and make them continue reading. It does not mean you have to start your introduction with a joke.

Remember to mention who you are as a company and why you ought the relevant experience in solving the issues asked in the proposal. It doesn’t need to belong, just your contact information, your name, address, and will do.

It might sound unnecessary, but write an executive summary with a concise list of what is to follow, like a contents table.

Relevant Information

To write an executive summary, one should keep in mind that it shouldn’t deviate from the matter that follows it. Its a summary, not the place where you can get new ideas. 

Learn the issues and needs and convince the targeted audience. Once that is done, it’s important to recommend the solution. Be specific and precise in your recommendation.

Support your case. Don’t forget to note down the important reasons why your company is the ideal fit for your proposed solution. This is where you differentiate yourself from other competitors. 

Don’t forget a powerful conclusion, where you will summarize the main points. 

How to write a good executive summary Format

 Here’s the basic format on how to write an executive summary:

  • Introduction, ensure the audience that you need to target. 
  • Contents table should be in a bulleted list
  • Explain the purpose of the organization’s and recognize its plus points
  • Describe the necessity, or the issues, and its significance
  • Suggest an answer and explain the value of it
  • Justify the solution by describing how they fit for the company
  • The strong conclusion that includes the important points of the executive summary.

How to write a good executive summary

To write an executive summary needs a lot of vital information from the body of your proposal. Sometimes the audience only reads the executive summary of your report, so it’s important to spend time on it to make it valuable. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. Before you start writing an executive summary, you should ask the following question:

  • Whenever you are writing an executive summary, decide who is your target audience, and what crucial information you need. What should they need to know to make a decision? Writing an executive summary by keeping your audience in mind will be helpful because the story you are going to tell about your business proposal.
  • What is the purpose? An executive summary summarizes the essential information for the report. Write the executive summary for your targeted audience and include the essential information that supports the purpose of making your documents. What is that you want your reader to understand?
  • What is that you are recommending? To the reader, use the executive summary to make recommendations. Don’t make your reader work to find out what action they need to take. In your executive summary, make your recommendations clear.
  • How are you going to make an impression? The executive summary should get the upper attention from management. Executives don’t have much time to read every word of the document. The summary is the first impression because it is the only part your reader might read. Consider how you compose your summary sections,  shape the message, or present research to stand out in a short time.

The five Paragraph Formula for how to write an effective summary

A powerful executive summary can be divided into five paragraphs. 

Give a summary of your business.

Discuss the marketing strategy,  target market, and competition.

Give a summary of operational highlights. 

Show forecasting.

Describe your investment needs.

Now you have basic knowledge on how to write a good executive summary. 


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