How To Write An Academic Essay

essay writing assignments are one of the most important parts of students’ academic life. The is no doubt in it that a big portion of high school and a college education is based on writing many academic essays.

The primary purpose of such essay writings is to check a student’s knowledge of a particular subject or topic. Even to check their writing skills and creativity of students, mostly teachers give them academic essay writing. Such essay writings also affect their academic grades directly, so students have to give their best performance in essay writing. Sometimes, most students seem confused and stressed about how to write an academic essay successfully to get good academic grades.

If you are confused about how to write an excellent academic essay, then you came to the right place. Here we are going to discuss everything about academic essay writing. We are providing you the best ultimate guidance on it with the best tips.

The main objective behind such academic essay writing-:

There are many reasons that most of the teachers assign to their students time-to-time many types of academic essay writing. Here are some primary purpose or main objective of teachers behind giving such academic essay writings to their students-:

  • Teachers want to check the writing skills of their students and to improve it. 
  • One of the purposes of academic essay writing is to improve their knowledge of a particular subject.
  • If the teacher wants to check a student’s creative ability, then sometimes they give to students on an unknown subject.
  • Some time to make students busy in their free-lectures, teachers give them some academic essay writing such as a surprise-test.
  • One of the common objectives of such essay writings is to improve students’ thoughts of mind and scope of knowledge.

Types of Academic Essays-:

As we already discussed, teachers are assigned to their students’ different types of academic essay writing. Therefore most of the students seem confused about how to write an academic essay successfully. Here are some common types of academic essays writings-:

 Narrative Essays-:

A narrative essay is one of the most common types of academic essay writings. In the narrative essay, academic writing, the student has to tell a story about a real-life experience.

Most of the students think that telling a story is so easy. but the narrative essay becomes difficult and challenging when it comes to thinking and writing, about yourself. Hence students seem confused about how to write an academic essay.

Descriptive Essays-;

In the descriptive essay, academic writing students are required to choose a specific thing, idea, or emotion and to describe it in detail. It is considered as a cousin of a narrative essay, as in the descriptive essay, students paint a picture with words.

Expository Essay-:

an expository academic essay, writing students are required to create a spotlight on a matter or topic using different grounded information and facts. Here it is also necessary to provide sufficient relevant and reliable evidence for supporting all information provided. This is one of another typical academic essay writing that makes students confused about how to write an academic essay successfully.

Persuasive Essays-:

The persuasive essay writing is similar to expository essay writing as in persuasive essay writing involves presentation of facts. The main goal of this essay writing is to convenience the reader to accept the writer’s points of view.

The best tips on how to write an academic essay-:

As we already discussed that most of the students seem confused about how to write an excellent academic essay before the deadlines. Therefore here we are providing the top tips on how to write an academic essay successfully-:

Introduction of the academic essay-:

The introduction is the very first and the most important part of every writing. The primary purpose of the introduction is to grab the audience’s interest and to inform what will be the essay covered. The introduction contains only 10 to 20% of every essay. Here are some key points that you should keep in mind while writing the introduction of the academic essay-:

Hook your reader by piquing interest and curiosity-;

You should write the first sentence of the introduction, as interesting as it can easily catch the interest of your reader. Such sentences are also considered as the hook. It may be a quote, a bold statement, a question, a surprising statistic, etc. that emphasizes the relevance of the topic.

 Provide background and context on your topic-:

After writing those piquing sentences or hook, now you have to provide some context that can easily become helpful for the reader to understand your argument. Here you have to write some background information about that particular topic. You can also write some debates related to the topic, but don’t try to provide unnecessary information in the introduction.

Define the objective and formulate the thesis statement-:

Then you should have to define your main argument or thesis statement. Here you must have to write such an effective thesis statement that is relevant to the topic and very impressive. The thesis statement maybe 1 to 2 sentences long, but not more than two sentences.

 Provide a map of the content-:

Now it will be better if you finish the introduction with a useful overview of your essay structure. The overview should provide the reader with the idea of what they can expect from your entire essay writing.

Body of the academic essay-:

The body is the second and the most important part of every essay writing. In the body section, students have to make some arguments supporting their thesis statement, some evidence, and develop their ideas. The primary purpose of the body part of the essay is to present, analyze, and interpret the facts, information, and sources that you have gathered to support your arguments.

Length of the body text-:

Actually, the length of the body is not fixed for every essay writing, but the length of the body part of the essay depends on the type of essay writing. 

Commonly the average, mostly the body section of every essay writing, contains 60 to 70% of the complete essay. If you are writing an academic essay for a high school assignment, then you can write 2-3 paragraphs in the body section. Still, if you are writing for college-level essay writing, then you have to write 3-5 paragraphs in the body part of the essay.

Paragraph structure-:

If you want to give your academic essay a precise or perfect structure, then you should have to make use of paragraphs and headings in the entire essay. Such headings make your essay writing scannable and easy to read. You have to write different paragraphs in such a manner as the reader can easily understand the interrelation between separate paragraphs.

Don’t take many same sentences and words in all the paragraphs. you use the same pattern and write the same argument or fact, again and again, then you can’t write an excellent essay. So you have to provide different unique and relevant facts about the topic to support your arguments. Always make sure that you are using information that is completely reliable and relevant. Don’t try to take any unnecessary pieces of information that distract your reader from the main topic.

After writing the topic sentence, main arguments, and facts now, you have to provide some evidence to support the argument. You may take information from different sources, so it will be useful if you give them actual evidence to prove your arguments. It makes your essay writing more impressive.

Conclusion of the academic essay-:

The conclusion is the last but also one of the most important parts of every essay writing.  The conclusion takes up around 10 to 20% part of complete essay writing. Here are some tips for writing a strong essay conclusion-:

  • In the conclusion of the essay, you should have to make connections between the arguments that you mentioned in the body part of the essay.
  • Then state the outcome of arguments and facts.
  • Make sure to explore the broader importance and implications of the topic.

As the conclusion of the essay is the last chance for you to impress your audience,  you have to make sure to write an impressive, effective, and excellent conclusion of your academic essay writing.

What not to include in a conclusion of the academic essay-:

Here are some serious mistakes that students commonly have made while writing the conclusion of the essay. You have to keep in mind that not to include such things in the conclusion of essay-:


We have mentioned all the detailed information about how to write an academic essay that you should know. have mentioned different types of academic essay writing, along with this, we also mentioned the best tips on how to write an academic essay.

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