How To Write A Thesis Synopsis

To get a degree in MBA, Ph.D., or MSc, you need to write several articles as the final stage on your way to success. You have to face questions like how to write a thesis synopsis. The synopsis is defined as a brief summary or analysis on a particular topic that explains the purpose of the study and the process of conducting research. MSc/MBA students hunt online and choose project topics for their thesis. 

The purpose of a thesis is to provide clear, specific reasons that will help you know what to expect from your synopsis. A thesis should be related to the problem or prompt that you are answering, but it should give a specific reason. While writing Thesis synopsis for approvals/admission, you should keep in mind the importance of the synopsis and gives all the details required properly. Writing a thesis synopsis is a big challenge for many students that’s why we break it down in steps so that you get an idea on how to write a thesis synopsis.

Why writing a thesis synopsis is important

It helps in developing the ability to think critically on the topic. It makes you use the past published knowledge and make a synthesized report.

Thesis synopsis Writing style

The words you are going to include in “how to write a thesis synopsis” should not mean anything more or less than what you want to tell.

Be careful when you are choosing words; because unwanted words can change the meaning of that particular matter. Take care of the terminology you are going to use. The writing should be relevant and accurate.

Guidelines for the content of how to write a thesis synopsis:

Whenever a student is asked how to write a thesis synopsis they must keep in mind the following headings.

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Abstract for thesis synopsis
  • Literature review
  • Aim and objectives
  • Methodology
  • References


The face of your written work is your title. When writing the title page for your thesis synopsis, express your title correctly. Not to ramble over your ideas but to maintain the synopsis meaning, and link it with the main features of your paper. It gives the first impression to the reader’s mind, it should be short, it should consider the nature of the study and the relationship between the hypothesis and guiding question.


 It should be small but enlightening. It should be straight to the point. Don’t use technical terms here. When you are starting your problem, be clear at that time. 

Why the topic is important – this question can be asked and answered on the basis of your experience, and also discuss the influence on the community of the study. 


The abstract should be written in one paragraph. In the abstract, you should briefly tell about the problem or the main aim/objective. The abstract alone give the one who is reading a brief idea about the research.

Literature review

This helps in the study of the order of the study. It will also inform you if the topic was researched in the past and which features were researched. It also gives an idea of which procedures and methods were used in those studies.

Be precise while describing the boundaries of your study, or else you will be collecting a lot of information that will be of no use in your research. The sources of information can be review articles, mentors, textbooks, seminars, experts, etc.

Aim and objective

After you have gone through the process mentioned above, you can write the objectives of your study. Based on the problem analysis, it should be identified. They should be arranged in order of importance, and they should be a hypothesis and consistent. That means after analysis of the problem, you should immediately clear the objective of the topic. Objectives should concentrate on the problems and concepts you discussed in the problem analysis. The objectives should match the title of the study.


It is the essence of your study and requires closer attention. Try not to exceed the word limit. The paragraph should be 150-200 words. You can describe the arguments of your topic here, the method of investigation, and why this method suits the study. It would be best if you give a complete description of the research procedure. To write a brief, but informative synopsis, include the following features in the methodology part:

  • Study methods
  • The means and methods of information analysis
  • Variations in results because of factors that appear as a part of the study.
  • Setting information(facilities, number of people involved, time.)
  • Notifications about data collection

What are the Key Differences between Methods and Methodology?

These crucial points are clear about the distinction between commonly mistaken methodologies and methods section:


The objective of these methods is to come up with an answer to the research issue.

The objective of the methodology is to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used in order to find the best solution.

Methods are merely actions or tools that are employed to choose the research method.
The methodology is the study of all methods and techniques used in the investigation.
Methods are employed during the latter phase during the final phase of research.Methodologies are used at the beginning of the process of research.
It covers different techniques of the research.It is a systematic approach to identifying a solution to the problem of research.
Methods refer to the practice of carrying out research and surveys, testing, tests, etc.   Methodology refers to a range of methods used in these tests and surveys, tests, and tests, etc.


The final part of a thesis synopsis is the reference section. It is an important part of your study. You must put all the information that you have used in the protocol. Present it in the listing form of the sources, and write them orderly. Specify the format from your thesis advisor. 


The synopsis is an important part of the thesis. You can not take it lightly. It includes important chapters like literature review and advanced research design. The articles you include must be actual and related to your work, as this holds much weight. Follow the steps mentioned above that will help you in writing a great thesis synopsis.

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What does a short synopsis look like?

A film resume is generally a one-page document that summarizes your film. It contains the film’s title, genre, logline (a one-sentence summary), and a five-paragraph explanation of its storyline, major plot points, and key personalities.

What is an example of a synopsis?

Example of a Synopsis. Here’s a sample of a short synopsis of Jack and Jill: Jack and Jill is the story of a boy and a girl who ran up a hill together. They go to fetch a pail of water, but unfortunately, their plan is disrupted when Jack falls, hits his head, and proceeds back down the hill.

How long is a synopsis?

How long should a synopsis be? You’ll find conflicting advice on this. However, I recommend saving it short or starting short. Report a one- or two-page synopsis—about 500-1000 words, single-spaced—and use that as your ruin unless the submission policies ask for something longer.

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