How to Solve Assignment Problem

Generally, the assignment problem is considered a fundamental combinatorial optimization problem. Every student must have to complete many types of assignments during their entire academic journey. There are a majority of the students troubling with their assignments, as they don’t have any idea about how to solve assignment problems easily and quickly. Therefore students always ask the same question of how to solve assignment problem efficiently and effectively. 

That’s why students are looking for proper and in-depth guidelines to solve their. Here we are providing you the best ultimate guidance to solve assignment problems with different methods. Along with this, we also provide you with the best tips to solve an successfully.

The 4 top methods for solving assignment problems-:

At present, the majority of the students seem confused about how to solve assignment problems effectively and efficiently. So here we have mentioned the topmost four methods that students get help how to solve assignment problem-:

Complete enumeration method-:

In the complete enumeration method, you have to prepare a list of all the possible assignments among the given activities and resources. After then, you have to select an assignment involving the minimum time, cost, distance, or maximum profit. In the case of two or more than two assignments having the same minimum time or distance, cost, then the problem has many different optimal solutions.

It is noteworthy here that one can use a complete enumeration method only if the number of assignments is lesser. But if the number of assignments is vast, then this method will be unsuitable for manual calculations.

 Simplex method-:

It is considered one of the most simple and easy methods for solving assignment problems by the majority of the students. this method, the assignment problem can be solved as a linear programming problem. The simple words, it can be solved by the simplex algorithm.

Transportation method-:

If the assignment is related to a particular case of transportation problems, then students can also solve it by using the transportation method. The main reason behind it is that the optimality test in this method requires that there should be m+n-1= (2n-1) basic variables. 

Hungarian assignment method-:

The Hungarian method provides you with an effective and efficient means of finding the best solution to assignment problems. This method usually based upon the two key principles-:

Which is the best method for solving assignment problems?

As we already discussed in detail about all four methods of assignment problem-solving. Now the question arises which one is the best method out of all four. 

However, students can solve any with any one method which seems suitable to them. It can be the Simplex Method, Complete enumeration method, or Transportation method. But the assignment method created or developed by D. The Hungarian method is much more effective, faster, and efficient for assignment problem-solving. It is the preferable method for solving assignment problems by most of the students all over the world.

To use the Hungarian method, students are required to know only the cost of making all the possible assignments. In this method, every assignment problem has a table(matrix) that is associated with it. on the other side, the columns represent the tasks or things assigned to them.

The best tips and tricks on how to solve assignment problems faster-:

Here we have mentioned the topmost tips and tricks to solve assignment problems easily and quickly. These tips will become very helpful for you to solve all assignment problems and complete your assignment excellently. You should follow these tips to know how to solve assignment problems faster-:

  • First of all, you should do proper planning for your assignment before you start solving your assignment. Here you should divide the entire work into different small parts.
  • Now you should make sure to collect all the sufficient information or data that you required to solve your complete assignment. It would help if you did proper research by using different online or offline sources.
  • If the assignment work is too much longer, then you should take some small breaks every 1 to 2 hours. It will be helpful for you to work efficiently and effectively.
  • If you find any difficulty or error in solving any complicated assignment problem, then don’t feel upset. In such a situation, you should contact your friend, seniors, and experts, then ask them to help you in solving your assignment problem.


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