Step by Step Process of How to post the assignment on google classroom

Google classroom is one of the most important and useful online platforms for teachers and students both for educational purposes. It helps students and teachers to submit and review the assignment easily and quickly. Students can submit all their assignments on Google Classroom by just login into their student profile. Teachers can easily make or post an assignment on google classroom that includes the attached materials. Once the teacher posts the assignment, their students immediately receive an e-mail notification of the assignment. Then they can efficiently complete the assignment and turn it back in. And then, the teacher can easily grade the assignment. Some students or teachers seem confused when it comes to posting an assignment on google classroom since they don’t have any idea of how to post assignments on google classroom.

If you are also confused about posting an assignment on google classroom, then you came to the right place. Here we are going to provide you the best step-by-step guidance on it along with detailed information.

Google Classroom-:

Google classroom is considered one of the best free web services developed by Google. Actually, google classroom is designed for schools and for making studies more productive and comfortable. It aims to make it easy to create, distributing, checking, and grading the assignments. The primary purpose of online classrooms is to manage and streamline the overall process of sharing files and data between teachers or professors and students. According to the latest report, it is estimated that around 50 to 100 million people are using google classrooms all over the world. 

The google classroom integrated slides, sheets, docs, Gmail, and calendar, etc. into a cohesive online platform to manage professors’ and students’ communications. Here teachers can create online classes, add and distribute assignments, add instructions and grade the assignments, etc. in one place.  All the students can quickly be invited to join the online classroom through a provided code or registered login Id.  Here when the teacher adds or posts an assignment, within a few minutes, all the students will receive email notification of the assignment. Here students can efficiently complete the assignment and then submit it immediately. Then according to the performance of the assignment, the teacher can give grades to students.

The best step-by-step guidance on how to post assignment on google classroom-:

As we already discussed that some students or teachers seem confused when it comes to posting an assignment in an online classroom. So here we are providing you the best ultimate guidance on how to post the assignment on google classroom-:

1. First of all, you have to log in to your google classroom by using your registered Login ID. Then click to the stream tab.

2. After that you should click to the ”Assignment”.

3. Here you have to type in the “Title of your assignment” and additional description. The “description” is one of the best places for adding some instructions for the assignment.

4. Then if you need to change the due date, click to the “Due Date” option.

5.  Then click to ”Add Time” option to add the time of day on the due date, on which day the assignment is due.

6. If you have some materials to post along with the assignment, then click to the appropriate symbol or icon-:

1. Google Drive:-

If you choose the “Google Drive” icon, then you can attach a file to the assignment. It will take you directly right to your google drive. Here you can find the file that you want to attach.

2. Paperclip:-

The “paperclip” option allows you to attach a file to your assignment efficiently. Here you can quickly upload any file from your hard drive. And it will be directly stored in your google drive.

3. YouTube play button:-

The “Youtube” play button allows you to attach a youtube video to your assignment. Once you click to this button, then you can easily search for the particular video on youtube or direct Copy and paste the URL of that video. Here while you are going to search for a video, all the results for that video will be displayed right in the same window. Here you can easily preview that video as well, so you don’t need to visit the youtube website additionally.

4. Link:-

If you want to paste in an external URL to the assignment, then you have to click the “Link” button.

For all those documents or files that you post or select from your google drive, you can appoint or allow permission for students that “what they can do” with it. For doing so, you should have to click to the “drop-down” list to allow your students to do the mentioned things-: 

5. View only:-

If you want all your students can read the particular file only, but they can’t make any change in the file. Then you should choose the “view only” option. This option is considered useful and suitable for reference materials only.

6. Edit:-

If you want that students can easily view the file and make changes to the particular file also. Then you should choose the “Edit” option. It is useful and better only when the students are expected to collaborate on a particular or single assignment. 

7. Make a duplicate for each student:-

If you want to provide every student with a different copy of the assignment, then you should choose the “make a duplicate for each student” option. It is the best option for you if you are going to post an assignment for providing typical homework assignments where every student is responsible for her/his academic work.

8. Once you successfully made or posted the assignment.

Within a few seconds, every student will receive a notification of the assignment through the Email. The assignment will show up on the class’s stream page. Here you can quickly check, monitor, and get to know how many students have completed that particular assignment successfully.


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