How To Make An Outline For An Essay

The essay outline is also considered the planning of academic writing. Here students structurize their essay writing and organize the main points into different paragraphs so that it would be easier for students to write an outstanding essay quickly. Without making a perfect structure, one can’t be able to write an outstanding or impressive essay if you want to impress your teacher with an impressive, excellent, informative, and well-structured essay writing. Then you should have to make an ideal outline for the essay before starting writing it. But most of the students seem confused about how to make an outline for an essay? Since they don’t have any idea about outlining a paper.

If you are also confused about how to make an ideal structure for your essay, then you came to the right place. Here we are providing you the best ultimate guidance on how to make a good outline for an essay.

What is an Essay Outline?

As we already discussed that the essay outline is short planning for essay writing. At the time of outlining the essay writing, students have to write-downs the main ideas of their essay writing. Along with this, students also structurize all the critical arguments in different paragraphs to make sure they won’t miss anything while writing.

There is no doubt in it that essay structure is one of the most important parts of academic writing. Almost every writer makes an essay outline before starting the actual writing. Therefore most of the students ask the same question about how to make an outline for an essay. No doubt, students can write academic writing without outlining also. But it will be very challenging to do. 

The best ultimate guidance on how to make an outline for an essay-:

As we already discussed, most of the students seem confused about how to make a good outline for an essay. So here we are providing you the best step-by-step guidance on it-:

Generally, every student has to write many types of academic essays during their entire higher studies, and different kinds of essays require a different structure. But the 3 paragraph structure is standard for most of the academic essays. The 3 paragraph structure includes the Introduction, Body, and conclusion, so in the general format of students’ essay outlines will require all these components. At the time of outline your essay, you should have to keep in mind all these three components so that you wouldn’t miss any example, argument, and evidence. So, let’s do this-:

(A.) Key Parts of an Essay

First of all, you should have to put all the key parts of your essay into your essay outline-:


It is the very first part here you will mention the essay topic and its thesis statement. No doubt that essays can’t live without an ideal thesis statement. So a perfect thesis statement in the essay outline will help you to support it in every paragraph of the body of your essay.

Body paragraphs-:

There is no doubt in it that the body of your essay will be a minimum of two or three paragraphs. So you should make sure to include each body paragraph in the essay. For every paragraph of the body part, you should write down a topic sentence along with an argument that relates to your thesis statement. You should also mention all the information, facts, examples, data, and other evidence you want to use for proving your thesis or topic sentence of the paragraph valid.


It is the last part of your essay outline. Here you should wrap up your entire essay. It will be useful if you restate your thesis statement and summarize all the goals of your essay writing.

Generally, the outline of your essay will look like this-:

                                              Essay Outline

I. IntroductionIntroduce the topic of the essay. State an ideal thesis statement.

II. Body ( Paragraph-1)Write an argument for your thesis statement( The topic sentence). Support that argument with facts, examples, or data. Mention how it relates to your thesis statement.
III. Body (Paragraph-2)Write another one argument for your thesis statement(Another topic sentence)Now support this argument with facts, examples, or data. Explain how it is related to your thesis statement.

IV. Body (Paragraph-3)Write another one argument or counterargument for your thesis statement ( another topic sentence). Support this argument with facts, examples, or data, or explain briefly why the counterargument doesn’t work. Now explain how it relates to the thesis statement of the essay.
V. ConclusionRestate your thesis statement. Summarize all the key points of the essay. Lastly, add a call to action (what you want the reader to do after reading your academic essay writing).

(B.) Outline Format

The Linear style is one of the most popular styles that most of the students use at the time of outlining their essay writing. In this style, students rank arguments according to the order of their importance, such as major-to-minor arguments. 

While you are outlining your essay writing, you should always keep in mind that it’s only an outline. So you should feel free while formatting different arguments and evidence. You should have to format and structure everything in such a manner so that it seems most understandable and comfortable to you. So that you can be easily able to check if there are any duplications of sentences or words in your writing.


We have mentioned all the detailed information about how to make an outline for an essay that you should know. We have also mentioned the best ultimate guidance on how to make a good outline for an essay. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding it.

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