How To Create Good Writing Prompts

It is a very common thing that most peoples want to write, but they don’t know how to start? Even maybe some peoples have a fantastic story in their mind, but once they sit down to start writing, then it seems sometimes they stuck for words. We can say that getting starting writing becomes the hardest task sometimes. When anyone starts writing, they waste most of the precious time in making sure what to put on the page.

If you want to break down your fear of the blank page, and even if you’re going to start effective writing. Then one of the most effective ways to break your fear of writing, that is, you should have to start free write to, writing prompts. Some writers use writing prompts that help them to beginning writing. These prompts inspire writing an essay, story, and poem. Many writers are fighting with their regular basis blog writings, and the writing-prompts helps them to write and get past their blogs quickly. Hence if you want to get starts your writing effectively and successfully, then you have to make a good writing prompt. Here we are going to discuss the best tips on how to create good writing prompts.

The topmost best ways how to create your excellent writing prompts-:

Here are some topmost ways that how can you manufacture you owned made writing prompts-:


Most of peoples find it difficult how to create excellent writing prompts. They take it as a complicated task because they don’t know how to write effective or useful writing prompts. If you always prefer to write personal writing. Then you should use your pics or photographs in your writing. You can choose the best one pic randomly, but make sure that you don’t get lost a long time to search for the right one pic. After getting the picture, you should write about what you correctly see in the image. Here you can easily explore the views in the picture from many angles. If the picture is of your friends and family, then you can quickly and easily write about the relationship between the peoples.

 With the use of images in ”writing prompts” writing- You can easily create or manufacture good and useful prompts for writing. Even by using images, you can also improve your “show-don’t-tell” skills to the audience. 

Make a word jar-:

One of the best ways to create excellent or useful writing prompts is, first of all, make a jar of words. For doing so, you should make a list of words, quotes, sentences, and aphorisms that are your favorite or easy to use. You should have to make a proper list of them. You can use paper and pen or an online notebook to create a good record. Then write your favorite or useful words, etc., one by one in such a way that you can efficiently utilize that list when you are going to write. After then, you can start writing something and make sure to take relevant words or sentences from the list. It will help to improve your writings.

Pick a line from a book-:

It is one of the practical, effective, and fun exercises that most of the writer does. For doing so, you should take any book from any library or your bookshelf. Then open it conjectural and without wasting too much time read anyone paragraph. After reading carefully and continuously, pick a line or sentence from that paragraph. Then start writing something on any particular topic and try to use the selected line or verdict in your writing; in order to make a meaningful paragraph. We can say that this is not only a fun exercise, but it can also give you the most unexpected results.

Allocate some time for ”meditation”-:

As everyone knows that the meditation is necessary for a healthy mind. But are you know that meditation can also help to increases your creativity. Even with the use of meditation, you can easily create excellent and useful writing prompts. 

For doing so, you just need to give some time for in-depth meditation before start writing. You can feel some sound bowl during meditation; this is sound that comes from inside of your soul. Now you should have to try your best to listen deep inside.  Hopefully, maybe you can hear some words or lines for defined any character. Even perhaps, you can listen to the very opening paragraph or sentence of any story, and it can lead you to write something reflective. So we can say that meditation is one of the best sources for creating or manufacturing good writing prompts.

Use the mentioned generic prompts, as fall-back options-:

If you are writing something, then there are many situations during writing when you are feeling stuck; that now what to write. In such a situation, sentence-stemming is the best way to write.  Anytime during the entire writing, when you run out of things to say, then to return to the original sentence-stem and start a new sentence. You can do that with the help of this generic prompts-:

  • I know…
  • The question i am living with…
  • What i am looking for…
  • What i actually want to say…
  • What i need from myself today…
  • What i fail to notice… 
  • What i nourishes my heart…

 Most of the expert writers also say that whenever they get stuck with an article or other posts. They also use free-writing or writing prompts.  After that’s when they start writing, not difficulty comes in their writing.

Why do you should create excellent or useful writing prompts-:

It sometimes seems that many peoples are wondering why they should create or use writing prompts. So here we are going to discuss all the key points of the importance of ”writing prompts”;  in order to clear their doubts-:

  •  A good writing prompt can help you to break down your fear of writing. Even it motivates you to make to write compelling and successful writings.
  •  The writing prompts allow you to access those stories and memories that you can’t able to get without the help of writing prompts.
  •  If you want to attract your targeted and specific audience by successful writing. Then you require to create good writing prompts for help in writing.
  •  The writing prompts can helpful for you when you get stuck with writing and don’t able to continue writings.
  •  It also gives you the motivation that “i should write,” and you can keep going on your writing effectively.


We have mentioned the topmost best ways how to create practical, useful, and excellent writing prompts. We have also mentioned the importance of writing prompts for a writer. We hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and clear all your doubts about how to create good writing prompts. Still, if you have any confusion or any doubt regarding writing prompts, then don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us at have a team of professionals who are always available for your help at 24*7 hours. Our experts are well qualified, and they well know all subjects. So they can provide you the best solution to all your academic problems. We are offering our services all around the globe, including Australia, at affordable prices. Along with this, we are also providing our services to those students who want to get Assignment Help Canberra and Assignment Help Brisbane.

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