Cause And Effect of Stress on College Students

At present, higher studies in college and other universities have become very tough than ever before. Today, students that are studying in colleges are troubling with many major difficulties and problems during their academic studies. Therefore mostly students of colleges are seeming stressed.  Experts say that normal stress is a common part of college students’ life. For many students, it’s the first time in their life when they stay away from home, friends, and families. Along with this, they have the responsibility for performing well in their higher academic studies.

Actually a few or little stress is good for students because stress can motivate you to overcome the challenges that come in your way. Although, too much tension and stressed conditions are very bad for students and its life. Too much stress can negatively affect the body and minds of college students. There are many reasons for the stress of students. And this stress also affects students negatively. Here we are going to discuss some major causes and effects of stress on college students.

The major causes of stress in college students

There are many reasons behind it, that students take stress during their academics.  Those causes may be sometimes personal or social. Here are some important causes that why college students get stress during their college studies.

Financial Burden

The higher studies in colleges are not as cheap that anyone can afford it. It does not matter whether you studying in a government or a private college. The college fees in both types of colleges are increasing from time to time. Along with, if you are living out of your city and using a P.G or rental room for living. Then add up the cost of your college fees, books or copy and room rent; it can make you surprised. So students feel shame about taking money for different expenses from their parents from time to time. Therefore many students take the stress of how they are able to manage their financial burden.

Unhealthy Competition

Healthy competition is good for every individual in all fields of life. But it is a very harmful and stressful situation for an individual when it turns to unhealthy competition. 

Today, students’ academic grades completely depend on their performance in different class tests and the assignments that are provided by teachers. Students already have lots of workloads for their homework etc. At the same time, they have to perform those assignments before the short deadlines. But it becomes impossible for them to perform successfully in both academic tasks. So because of such unhealthy competition of academic mostly students get stressed.

Social connections Anxiety

This is one of the major reasons that students get stressed during college time. If any student is a new admission in first-year in college. Then it can be anxiety-provoking and intimidating at the time when they are not able to make a connection with others. Naturally, many students need to work hard to make a connection with others. Maybe sometimes it takes too much time. Even it seems sometimes many students tend to isolate themselves because of the fear of being rejected. Hence the fear of social rejection is one of the major reasons that college students get stressed.

Parental Expectations

We can see so many parents always pressure their children for doing the things that their parents want. Such parents don’t even try to know what their kids are interested in, and what the abilities and aptitudes of their children are. Therefore, children always feel the burden to be successful according to the expectations of their parents. Sometimes this burden of parental expectations becomes the major reason for students’ stress. Even this stress mostly leads to depression, trouble situations, and unfortunately sometimes suicide.

Memories of  home

Most students go to big cities and colleges for their higher studies. For higher studies in better colleges in big cities, students have to live in a rental. For many students, it’s the very first time when they have to go to other cities and stay away from home for a long time. Many students find it so difficult to stay away from family and manage everything by themself. According to research 2 out of every 10 students are always missing their families during hostels or PGs when they are staying away from home. If students are always missing their family then sometimes these turn into stress.

Part-time job

As we already discussed that at the time of higher studies in the college. Students have to manage many different academic and personal expenses. Even most of the students feel it shameful to ask the parents for giving money time-to-time for different expenses. Then Students try to manage all their expenses by themselves, so they try to get a part-time job with their studies. But getting a part-time job is not very easy in big cities. Sometime during looking for a part-time job many students take too much stress. Even if students are able to find the job then from the starting of the job they take too much stress. Because it becomes impossible for them to manage the study and job at the same time.

The major effects of stress on college Students

Here we are going to discuss some of the major effects of different types of stresses on college students


Naturally, a little amount of stress is good for students, as it’s necessary for being self-motivated. But it becomes dangerous when there is too much stress. If any student is in too much Depression or a stressful situation then the stress negatively affects the student mentally. In this situation, their thoughts and presence of mind may become confused and jumbled. Their thinking and ideas become focussed on tension or worrying about things. In these conditions, it becomes harder or impossible for them to make the right decision.


The too much stress of college life can also negatively affect a student emotionally also. Most students seem in depression at the time of their higher studies the main reason behind it the stress of college life. We can see many negative effects of the stress in many students. The common emotional effects are frustration, panic, hopelessness, anger, emotional withdrawal, despondency, impatience, depression, unhappiness, and irritability. 


The too much stress of college students affects them physically, also. The major physical effects of stress that we can see in most students are as under-:

  • Some students always feel palpitations.
  •  The mouth goes dry.
  • Increasing muscle tensions.
  • Slow digestion causes butterflies in the stomach.
  •  Stress also leads to very headaches and dizziness.
  • Even sometimes students can feel jaw ache.
  • Too much stress can also lead to sleeping illness.
  • Student breathing always becomes faster and fewer infractions of seconds.
  • Students feel something going wrong with him. Such as their blood circulation can be affected by stress.

How can college students combat stress?

Here are some of the key points that you should follow for combating stress-:

  • The first wealth is your health, if you want to combat stress then you should have to maintain a healthy diet for your daily routine.
  • If you want to combat your academic stress then you should have to manage your time for doing all your daily homework, assignments and make sure to complete them before the deadlines.
  • Much research has proved that exercise is very helpful for a human being to reduce their stress. So if you want to win the battle with stress then make sure to exercise daily.
  •  If you are doing a part-time job with your studies then you can handle the stress of a part-time job and studies easily. You just need to make a schedule for your study according to your job time duration.


We have mentioned all the major causes and effects of stress on college students. We also mentioned all the key points that one should follow to combat stress. So we hope that our blog becomes helpful for you to understand all the reasons behind the stress of college students, along with you also get a better understanding of the negative effects of too much stress on students’ life. But still, if you find any confusion regarding any of the academic problems then don’t feel any hesitation to contact us anytime at

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