Which one is best between artificial intelligence vs machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence both are parts of computer science. Even both two have correlations with each other. Both technologies are the most popular technologies that are most preferred for creating different intelligence systems. Although sometimes people also use them as synonyms for each other. But there is no doubt, both are the two separate terms in different situations.

In other words, Artificial intelligence is a significant concept for creating an intelligent machine that can simulate human behavior and thinking capability; on the other side, machine learning is the subset of application that allows the intelligence machines to learn from different data.

Here we are going to discuss all the Key differences between AI vs. machine learning that will clear all your doubts about both.

Overview of the Artificial intelligence-:

Artificial intelligence is considered one of the best fields in computer science. It makes a computer system that may easily mimic human intelligence. Which helps us to create an intelligent system that can simulate human intelligence”. 

The artificial intelligence system mainly uses an algorithm that can work with their intelligence. AI involves different machine learning algorithms like deep learning neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Based on their capabilities, the AIs are classified into the major types-:

  • Strong AI
  • General AI
  • Weak AI

Overview of the Machine learning-:

Machine learning is another field of computer science. Machine learning is all about extracting knowledge from the data. We can define it as: “machine learning is one of the subfields of artificial intelligence, that enables machines to learn from the different past experiences and data without being programmed”.  

It is considered that machine learning mainly uses a huge amount of semi-structured and structured data. The primary purpose of doing it is so that a machine learning model can easily generate 100% accurate or authentic results or provide predictions based on data.

Machine learning is divided into three major types-:

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning

The major differences between artificial intelligence vs machine learning-:

Now, as we already discussed in detail about AI and machine learning both. So far, we can safely assume that you have a fair understanding of both. Hence here we are going to discuss all the key differences between the  artificial intelligence vs machine learning for cleaning your confusion regarding both terms-:

Basis of differences between artificial intelligence vs machine learning
Artificial intelligence Machine learning
AI is the technology that enables a machine to simulate human behavior. 
Machine learning is a subfield of AI that allows a machine to directly learn from its past data or experience without programming.
Uses-:We use AI for making the intelligence systems to perform many tasks such as a human.
We use ML to teach about a machine’s system with data to perform specific tasks and provide the correct result.
Scope-:Artificial intelligence has a very large or broad range of scope.
Machine learning has limited scope as compared to AI.
Mainly focused-: The artificial system primarily focused on maximizing the chances of success.
On the other hand, machine learning mainly focused on patterns and accuracy.


Artificial intelligence can be classified into three types: Strong AI, Weak AI, and General AI.
Machine learning can be classified into three major types: Unsupervised learning, Supervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.
It entirely deals with semi-structured, Structured, and unstructured data.It only deals with semi-structured and structured data.


The primary goal of artificial intelligence is to make a smart or intelligent computer that works like a human to solve typical or complicated problems.The main goal of machine learning is to enable machines to learn from past data so that it can provide accurate outputs.

Deep learning and machine learning are two major subsets of artificial intelligence.
Machine learning has the only one subset that is deep learning.

The AI is mainly working to create an intelligent system that can efficiently perform various complex tasks.
The Ml is working to create such a machine that can perform only a specific task.
The major applications of Artificial intelligence are customer support using catboats, Online game playing,  Siri, Expert System intelligent humanoid robot, etc.
The primary application of machine learning is Google search algorithms, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestions, and Online recommender systems, etc.

AI mainly comprises reasoning, self-correction, and learning.
Ml mainly consists of self-correction and learning with all new data.


We have mentioned the major differences between artificial intelligence vs machine learning. We have also mentioned all the detailed information about both terms. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding both.

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