7 Best Arduino Project Ideas For Beginners Guide

The Arduino is basically an open-source electronic board and platform. It is made up of hardware and software parts that are very easy to use. It’s built-in especially to make all electronic devices more accessible to hobbyists, artists, designers, etc. 

One of the most useful Arduino project ideas is Motion Activated Night Light, Plant Watering System, Floor Cleaning Robot, Smartwatch, Basement Flood Alarm, Smart Dustbin, Portable Humidifier., etc. If you want to know all of these Arduino project ideas in detail in-depth here.

Also, the Arduino microcontroller is known as a mini-computer which is designed with memory, a processor, and other peripherals made up for implanted applications. Through Arduino, you can easily build and create devices. After this, it interacts with the surroundings. 

Despite this, to program almost anything, you can use an Arduino microcontroller. The design of the Arduino is just like a Raspberry Pi. The microcontroller contains some input and some output pins. You can easily produce the output from the microcontroller after entering the input. 

Furthermore, it completes all the tasks with the sensor and microcontroller. Here you can know about the 10 best Arduino project ideas in 2022 for beginners and engineering students.

What is Arduino? 

The Arduino is a very tiny microcontroller. Its hardware and software parts are very easy to use. You can use the Arduino microcontroller very easily because it’s liable for finishing tricky tasks. Its most exciting element is that Arduino makes your life very effortless with diverse methods. These ways are whether watching out for your safety, helping with your housework, or performing activities with robotic actions. 

Moreover, the Arduino is capable of reading input and converting it into output. It has been also known as thousands of project minds. If you want to know about the best Arduino project ideas, you can know from below. 

7 best Arduino project ideas for beginners

There are a lot of Arduino project ideas for engineering students. The most useful 10 Arduino project ideas are given below. Let’s know about them one by one. 

1. Plant watering system 

If you include the kind of plant owner who often slips from your mind to watering your plants in your daily routine, to sort out this issue, you can use the Arduino system. As this, your home plant stays happy and healthy which is really the very best way.

Apart from this, the Arduino project is made up of a moisture sensor. It permits the water pump to be triggered. As this, your home plant easily gets its perfect water supply. The Arduino project is a very innovative and compact project system.

  • Who made the Plant watering system: benrbill
  • Core elements: block connector, power supply, plants, breadboard, soil moisture sensor, Arduino Uno, irrigation hose, 12-V pump. 

2. Smart Dustbin 

The Smart Dustbin is a very smart trash can. It is a sensor-based bin that permits you to “open” your trash can even without touching the lid. If you have your hand full and only don’t like to make the connection with a messy lid. The Arduino-based project arrives with an ultrasonic sensor. 

  • Who made the Smart dustbin: Indian LifeHacker
  • Core elements: dustbin, ultrasonic sensor, servos, Arduino Uno
  • Problem: All levels

3. Motion Activated Night Light 

The Motion activated night light is the perfect project selection for middle-of-the-night wake-ups. Apart from this, it activated the night light operations through Arduino and a motion sensor. The Motion activated night light sensor is a very immense choice for less-advanced users. 

  • Who made the Motion activated night light: Haziq Afandi
  • Where to find the Motion Activated Night Light Arduino: Arduino Project Hub
  • Core components: breadboard, SparkFun LilyPad Rainbow LED, 12-V power supply, Arduino Uno, motion sensor, etc. 

4. Remote Control Light Switch

When you are feeling a bit lazy, injured, or stuck in bed, to sort out this issue, the remote control light switch Arduino project idea helps you to cope with it. It is a very immense solution to turn a light off in a very simple way. You can easily turn off the light at any distance from your room. 

  • Who made it: alan Merritt
  • Core Components: transceivers, hex nuts, additional Arduino board (any), 3D printer filament, pushbuttons, etc.

5. Basement flood alarm

The Arduino project basement flood alarm includes one of the best Arduino project ideas. It is very compact. But it is very useful to monitor that will immediately notify you of basement flooding. It is particularly practical if you want to live in a rainy location or are just concerned about additional water or mold in your basement. Also, the Arduino project uses it together with buzzers and moisture sensors to make the alerting alarm effect. 

  • Who made it: PM4
  • Core Components: buzzer, LEDs, resistors, power supply, Arduino (any), float switch, moisture sensor, breadboard, etc.

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6. Smartwatch

Smartwatch is also included in the Arduino project ideas. It is a smartwatch DIY version. Through Bluetooth, the Arduino-controlled system will directly transmit a notification with the help of your iPhone. 

  • Who made it: Karlstrom
  • Core components: lithium-ion battery, USB connectors, SparkFun LiPo Charger, SparkFun FTDI, USB cable, Adafruit LED display, Arduino Pro Mini, Adafruit Bluetooth LE, etc.

7. Portable Humidifier 

The Portable Humidifier is very immense, especially for apartments and homes that get extremely dry, particularly during winter when the heating dries things out. The factor of portability makes it simply move from room to room. It also includes Arduino project ideas. 

  • Who made it: Debasis Parida
  • Core Components: Ultrasonic humidifier, 5V relay, Arduino Nano, electrolytic capacitor, etc.

Basically, all the projects are very useful. One of the best Arduino project ideas from all of the above-given ideas is the Remote Control Light Switch. It is most helpful and easy to use. You can use the Remote Control Light Switch very easily once you complete its installation process. 


Hopefully, you get all the information from this Arduino project ideas blog. 

Here, all the above-given information is given for the best Arduino project ideas for beginners. From all of these, the best Arduino project idea from all of the ideas is a Remote Control Light Switch, Portable Humidifier, Automatic Noise Level Monitor & Controller System, etc. If you want to know about the Remote Control Light Switch Arduino project idea, then you can know about it from above.

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