What Are the Accommodation providing by the Australian colleges to the foreign students

Generally, Australia is considered one of the most popular and preferable study destinations. By the majority of students all over the world.  No doubt that the primary concern of every international student. After moving to Australia is to find out one of the best and right accommodations. Luckily the country offers an extensive range of options for accommodation for students in Australia. The accommodations options include university accommodations to self-catered apartments, homestay, and share houses. The majority of international students seem confused. When it comes to choosing one of the best accommodations for themselves in Australia. 

Here we are providing you with the list of the best accommodation for international students in Australia along with all detailed information about all accommodations so that you are easily able to choose one of the best accommodations options for you.

The best accommodation for students in Australia-:

As we already discussed, most international students seem confused when it comes to selecting one of the best accommodations for themselves in australia. Here we have mentioned the topmost accommodation for international students in australia-:


For the first one or two months after arriving in Australia, homestay may be one of the best options for students. Generally, there will be many homestay options available for international students to choose from. However, it will be better if a student books a homestay through a provider suggested by their educational institution or university. There is no doubt in it that this kind of accommodation will offer you valuable cultural experience in a local host Australian family. It is noteworthy that homestay for students is available for both long-term and short-term. 

Residential Colleges-:

Generally, living on or near campus in a residential college is consider one of the best accommodation options for international students in australia. We can say that residential colleges are one of the convenient and most comfortable options to stay in Australia. Thus, residential colleges are one of the best accommodation for students in australia.

Private Rental-:

Actually, private rental is one of the best accommodation options for those international students in australia, who want to immerse themselves in the local Australian culture. If you choose a private rental accommodation option, then you can live alone, or with your college friends as you wish. There is no doubt in it that private rental accommodation is one of the less-expensive options as compared to other accommodations.

It is noteworthy that there will not be any furniture available in private rental accommodation, so if you want, then you can bring your furniture. Generally, the private rental agreements require advance payment of rent and also some security payment that is bond. Along with these, students also have to pay their gas, electricity, and water, etc. bills separately.

 Managed Student Apartments-:

These student apartments are accommodation. That is mainly built to provide accommodations to international students in Australia. In these apartments, overall blocks dedicated to the housing of 100 to 500 students. These apartments include some single or twin rooms with a shared kitchen and bathrooms. In the managed students’ apartments commonly, 4 to 5 students share a single room. Managed student apartments are also considered as one of the top accommodations for students in Australia.

Halls of Residence-:

The halls of residence can be located on campus or close to the campus. The halls of residence accommodations may affiliate with or owned by the university or institutions. If international students have this option of accommodation, then they can rent a single bedroom and share different facilities such as bathrooms and kitchen, etc.. 

Although, there will be some of the institutions that may provide apartment-style rooms along with bathrooms and kitchens. Here the different utilities such as water, electricity, and gas are also included in the fees together. Even students will also get free internet access or wifi facility in their rooms. We can say it is one of the best accommodations for students in australia.

Boarding Schools-:

There are a large number of private secondary schools in Australia that are providing complete boarding options to all national or international students. In these boarding schools, students will get good meals, cleaning, and laundry services at affordable prices. It is considered that the boarding costs can also cover academic tutoring and social activities services after schools.

There is no doubt in it that most of the boarding schools in Australia are offering a supportive family atmosphere for international students. One of the best things is that students are allow to choose any suitable option from private or shared rooms in these boarding schools. 

 Hostel Accommodation-:

Hostel accommodation is one of the most popular options for those students. Who are either moving interstate or overseas to study. But this option is good for students for the short-term only until students find a permanent place to stay or live in Australia. There are mainly 2 types of hostel accommodations in Australia available for international students-:

Backpacker Hostels-:

The backpacker hostels are usually considered as home-away-from-home. No doubt, this hostel accommodation offers a vibrant-party and a relaxed atmosphere for international students. Thus it is the best accommodation for students in Australia.

Classic Hostels-:

Generally, the classics hostels in Australia are known for offering high-quality services to students. Being a student, you can quickly get various types of services from these classics hostels at a very affordable price. 

In the classic hostels, students mainly get a well-furnished bedroom with shared bathroom, recreation facilities, kitchen, and a lounge area, etc..


We have mentioned a list of the best accommodation for students in Australia. We have also mentioned the detailed information about all these accommodations. Thus, we hope that our blog will become very helpful for you and will clear all your doubts regarding it. Still, if you have any confusion regarding the top accommodation for students in Australia. Then don’t feel any hesitation in contacting us anytime at Australian assignment. We have a team of experts. Who are all well qualified, and all have years of experience working in the writing field.

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