12 Awesome Things To Do In Perth

Every time you think about Australia there are some cities that will definitely come to your mind like Perth, Brisbane, Melbourn. Perth is a city that is full of arts, nature, culture, history, dining, and adventure. On one side it is bordered by the scenic Swan River and a large area of natural bushland on the other side, This is the city where blue meets green to make a sight that glows both day and night. there are lots of things you can see and do in Perth.

You can explore the Kings Park lush gardens in city and river views, Perth Zoo, visit the Perth Mint, Art Gallery, and Museum. If you are looking for things you can do in Perth then you are searching in the right place. In this article, we have listed top places that you can visit and things to do in Perth. 

Kings Park

With stunning views of the Darling Range and Swan River, Botanic Garden and Kings Park is an oasis of silence near the soul of the city and one of the biggest inner-city parks in the world. Almost two-thirds of this 1,000-acre park is a natural bush, with a variety of birds and plants. Kings Park also has several huge playgrounds for the children to have fun with cafes attached for that necessary takeaway coffee whilst they play. For drinks and eat there is also a kiosk, the Fraser’s Restaurant and Botanical Cafe. You can also find Pioneer Women’s Memorial and War Memorial, an area for the family which is famous for picnics.

Swan Valley

On the Perth northern side and the Swan River lies the stunning Swan Valley. It has environmental, recreational, and cultural significance, awarding Swan River the first heritage icon of Western Australia. In Western Australia, it is the oldest wine region. The Swine Valley Wine and food trail is an excellent location to travel some of the most excellent cuisines and bag some fine wine bottles.

You can visit the National Park and you can also do cycling in the Swan Valley Heritage trail. Village Guildford is based at the gateway of Swan Valley. In Swan Valley, Riding Horse tours are also pretty common and popular. In fact, it is an excellent place to have a whole day trip with many exciting activities that assist in spending a great time with family and friends.

Visit Perth Zoo

There is a Perth Zoo located near the Swan River about 5 minutes from Perth CBD.  It was opened in 1898 and since that day it is open every day of the year it has never been closed. It is pretty open an area so if you decide for half a day then you may lose an important part of the zoo so it’s better you plan for a full day. You can find almost all kinds of animals there with all coming from various parts of the globe. There you can find Australian animals, African, Asian, South American and not to forget an entire series of love fauna and a broad variety of different plants. The entry fee is different for groups and for individuals. The entry fee is free for children who are below 4 years. 

Walking Tour of Perth

It is flat, has broad footpaths and streets. If you want to start visiting a new destination then one of the best ways is by taking a walking tour to Perth. The best thing about a walking tour is you will not miss anything.

In this way, you can learn about the history of the city, heritage, colorful, and culture.

Fishing in Perth

Fishing in Perth is relaxing and entertaining at any time of the year. Especially from November to March are considered particularly pleasant. The early morning is perfect for fishing in the magnificent Swan River with local aquatic animals running along in hunt for food. 

The popular places involve the Blackwall reach near to River Swan mouth, loaded with river fish, Hillarys, South Rock Wall, Rottnest Island, and Two rocks hotspot for catching big sport fish like a big tailor, Herring, and whiting.

Prawns and Crabs are pretty normal in the summertime and what is best you do not require permissions for the same too. Though no permit is needed for fishing in Perth.

Visit Western Australia Art Gallery

Western Australia Art Gallery is located within the walking distance from the Perth train station. The gallery was established in 1895 and it consists of heritage buildings. The museum consists of some of the greatest works of Australian artists, the prestigious State Art collection, an eminent selection of Western Australian history and also some International art and design. You can find all Painting, craft, design, present in this collection having collectively about 17,000 collections. In a nutshell, one has a look into the artistic heritage of the country and experiences its beautiful strength. Every Tuesday the gallery is closed. If you want you can also take a bus journey to the museum. The blue CAT buses provide the nearest drop-off and pick up from the museum. There are no entry fees for the museum but one can freely donate.

Visit Elizabeth Quay

It is built on the foreshore of the Swan River and has a little of something for everyone, from a huge playground for children to restaurants where you can eat. The architecture of Quay is stunning and absolutely worth a stroll, particularly during night time when the bridge is sparked up with rainbow colors. Elizabeth Quay is also recognized as a festival and event place.

Visit the Fremantle Prison 

It is a former prison and Western Australia’s only World Heritage Site.

If you are planning for things to do in Perth then you might not want to add prison to your plan, but its historical significance has made it one of the greatest Perth tourist places to visit.

It was used to imprison criminals moved from Britain, and it consisted of gatehouses, prison cell blocks, tunnels, and cottages.

Since 1991, a lot of changes have been made and the site was remembered as a heritage site. Nowadays it is one of 15 memorable sites that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.

The Barrack Square Bell Tower

The Barrack Square Bell Tower is one of the world’s biggest musical instruments. Open in the year 2000, it includes 12 ancient bells from the St Martin Church which is known to be from the 14th century. when you visit this place you will see an excellent insight of the ancient times and you will know more about the bells. For history lovers, this is the best way to understand more about classical Perth. Also, Bell Tower gives 360-degree pictures of the Swan River as the city and it looks like the best place to have fun and for photo shootings. You can experience the captivating views of the oldest bell in Australia. Entry tickets involve an interactive display of the old art of bell ringing, as well as fascinating displays on the bells’ history.

Location: Barrack Square, Perth

Timings: 10am to 5pm 

Visit Perth cultural center 

In Perth, this is the number one cultural place. It has become a very attractive meeting place for locals and tourists. The center is a mix of entertainment, music, festival, food, and art. It is home to a number of organizations such as the Art Gallery of Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Western Australia, State Library, Western Australian Museum, and more. It is a wonderful place to go to a concert, experience the sunshine, sample some tasty food, or learn about gardening.

However, it wasn’t always so. Because of redevelopment, it has become one of the city’s most attractive, especially during the annual Fringe Festival.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM

The Perth Mint

Popular with adults and children, the Perth Mint gives a captivating sight into the history of gold in Western Australia. The Gold Exhibition showcases the world’s biggest coin, weighing a huge one-tonne, as well as gold bullion and nuggets. In the 1899 melting house, you can see pure gold being flowed to make a solid block, and you can also look at the biggest selection of gold nuggets in the Southern Hemisphere. Hourly conducted talks give a captivating insight into the discovery of gold in the state and the history of the Perth Mint. You can even discover your weight’s value in gold. 

Enjoy Parasailing

One of the adventuresome sports which can be very experienced in Perth is the parasailing. On the Swan River, this exciting sport can be fully experienced with private tutors and specialists. In the summer season, this is one of the favorite activities where many play especially at the weekends. There are private tour works on the sport which give all the types of equipment and supports in taking the happy ride.

There are normally two types of parasailing; one is wild and wet while the other is dry and high. There is the availability of longer tours too where you can enjoy a full day and half-day parasailing.


This article is all about the 12 things to do in Perth that include king’s park, Swan Valley, fishing, Cultural center and much more which helps you to decide which place is better for you to visit during your holidays. These things can be helpful for you to know more about Australian history.  It’s better for you if you visit these places with your family.

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