10 Amazing Robotics Projects Ideas For Beginners & Intermediate

Why do you need to know about robotics projects? Well, robotics is included in one of the best technologies of 2022. It is ordinarily used in every industry i.e. education, defense, healthcare, and many others. It deals with amazing design, applications, and working for a computer system for their prevention and information processing. Apart from this, a lot of companies use robots. It is a technology that works with automated machines. It is extremely valuable in manufacturing the products. Ordinarily, robotic technology creates all production objectives and works very smoothly. 

Therefore, a mess of people demonstrates an interest in robotics technology. They use them in manufacturing units such as framing, food production, and automotive production. It comes up in a tremendous form. Robotic engineering has come up as a separate stream in various engineering colleges. Robotic festivals, tech competitors, and college events see an extremely huge interest in robot specialists. 

If you want to know about the checklist of robotics research subjects, interesting, and ingenious robotics projects.  

10 Robotics Projects Ideas – 2022 

Even if you are not making any projects on Robotics, These are the following intermediate DIY projects that help you to grasp all the easy robotics projects.

1. Smart Robot For Face Recognition 

If you want to know, how can you make a smart robot that recognizes other routine guests and your face too? You just follow the described information here. When you go in front of the camera, the robot will determine your face easily. 

The Smart robot for face recognition will call out your name and likewise demonstrate your name on the computer screen. You can use and prevent the Robotic project with the smart robot for face recognition very easily.

2. Line Following Robot

The Line following robot includes in another one of the best robotics projects. You can use it with the PID Algorithm. It is a very simple robot that emulates a thick line marked on the floor by utilizing other optical sensors and infrared (IR). 

Apart from this, the Line follower robot is designed with two motors with amazing wheels on the bottom and has a castor wheel which is vital as a support on the line following the robot front. It is very easy to make and interesting robotics projects. The Line following robot follows and detects a predetermined line with no variation.

3. HMI-Based Robotic Arm 

A lot of specific jobs need high accuracy for which a human hand is required along with the independent robot. In this robotics project, their manufacturer created an HMI type of robotic arm, utilizing which robots can emulate and copy the activities of human movement.

4. Hector Slam Mapping And Indoor Positioning Robot 

The Hector slam mapping and indoor positioning robot are included in the best Robotics Projects. It is a project that will be contrived by a manufacturer of a low-cost system for devising realistic time maps of indoor conditions. This will permit a robot to perform the activity without any impact and navigate it by bypassing any obstructions.

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5. Choose And Position A Mobile Robot 

A pick-and-place mobile robotics project ideas are among the most luminous inventions in the record of manufacturing. It runs up in a group application by selecting and putting elements from an incoming onto an outgoing conveyor.

Although frequently used in standard manufacturing settings, it’s an effortless and entertaining robotics project for beginners or intermediate students to try. In addition, it’s a useful method to learn about autonomous robots. 

The students or learners can still take these robotics projects at home for repetitive pick-and-place household jobs or navigate off their inventions to their companions.

6. Robot Operating System And Radar Powered Indoor Home Mapping and Positioning Robot

The next best robotics projects are Robot Operating systems and radar-powered indoor home mapping and positioning robots. It is the main feature of a ROS (Robot Operating System) controlled robot. This is too vital in navigating via a hall, room, warehouse, or in any other conditions.

7. Solar-Powered Robot From Trash

The Solar-Powered robot from trash is also another of the best robotics projects. It is a very fun project that provides an option for students or beginners to practice and understand the importance of recycling while at once dropping their toes into the engaging earth of robots.

As emphasized in this Instructable, it just needs bits and components frequently trashed, like 1.5V motors, an on and off switch,  AAA batteries, bits of wire from your old/non-active electronics, a pair of zip connections, and an old solar-powered light.

8. Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbot for Appliance Control

The robotics projects also include an artificial intelligence-based chatbot for appliance control. It offers artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot for maintaining electrical home devices utilizing the Facebook Messenger platform and ESP8266-12E NodeMCU. 

This platform for designing AI chatbots for Facebook is Chatfuel. The robotic project also uses IFTTT and Adafruit IO for back-end support. In addition, the Robotics project is outstanding for combining AI with the Internet of Things (IoT).

9. Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

The Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi robot made up of a camera. It is easily positioned in a remote location to grasp the environment in optical form using Raspberry Pi (RPi). Apart from this, it captured visuals that are shown on the user’s virtual reality (VR) headset.

An added element permits the Virtual Telepresence Robot camera to move in the order of the user’s head activities. This provides the user with a real-time experience in case, he is present where the Virtual Telepresence Robot is located.

10. DIY Remote Control Robot

Lastly, the DIY Remote Control Robot is the last one of the best robotics projects. If you want to manage the DIY Remote Control Robot the signal is usually transmitted via a wireless system utilizing infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF). To transmit an IR signal, you need a DIY Remote Control Robot transmitter and a receiver too that comes with an encoding and decoding system. 


I hope, you get all the information about the Robotics Projects Ideas. 

The Robotics Projects Ideas are Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi, Color Sensing Robot with MATLAB, Android Phone Controlled Robot, a Solar-Powered Robot From Trash, etc. Of all of these projects, the best one is the Robot Operating System And Radar Powered Indoor Home Mapping and Positioning Robot. Because you can use it very easily.

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